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By Amanda Larson Outreach

Free Digital Marketing Resources for Financial Advisors

8 minute read
Free Digital Marketing Resources for Financial Advisors Featured Image

The shift to go “all-digital” has shown that digital communication and marketing tools are an absolute necessity now more than ever. At Twenty Over Ten, we’re committed to providing financial advisors with crisis communications resources during COVID-19. As the situation evolves we want to help advisory businesses in any way we can. And while we may not have all the answers on what tomorrow may bring we’ve compiled a list of relevant and timely digital marketing resources that’ll hopefully help enhance your marketing efforts and help your business through the days ahead.

Relevant Resources

With nearly 300 self-help articles to shift through we know it’s a bit unrealistic to comb through everything available so we’re highlighting our most popular reads in each category below, just click the links below to read more!

Social Media

  1. LinkedIn for Financial Advisors 5 Steps to a Great Profile
  2. How to Use Instagram for Your Financial Planning Business
  3. Social Media Compliance for Financial Advisors
  4. 6 Steps for Financial Advisors to Boost Their Social Media Strategy
  5. 10 Social Media All-Stars in the Financial Services Industry
  6. 9 Examples of Facebook Ads Proven to Generate Leads for Financial Advisors
  7. Best Times to Post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  8. Top 10 Twitter Tips for Financial Advisors


  1. SEO For Financial Advisors: The Ultimate List of Resources
  2. How to Setup the Perfect Blog Post Structure for Improved SEO
  3. What’s the Difference Between Google Analytics and Google Search Console?
  4. How To Perform An SEO Audit On Your Advisory Website (In Only 15 Minutes!)
  5. How To Write Compelling Meta Descriptions: A Beginner’s Guide
  6. 5 Ways to Completely Optimize Your Google My Business Listing in 2020
  7. Does Social Media Impact SEO? Everything Financial Advisors Need To Know
  8. SEO for Financial Advisors: Everything You Need to Know About Google Reviews


  1. From Zero to 100: Lessons for Starting a Financial Planning Business (With Kyle Moore, CFP®)
  2. Webinar Replay: How One Advisor Supercharged SEO Efforts to Rank #2 in Just 3 Months With Marc Westlake CFP®
  3. Webinar Replay: Website Design Best Practices For More Conversions in 2021
  4. Webinar Replay: The #1 Missing Ingredient to Attract New Clients With Justin Castelli CFP®
  5. Webinar Replay: The Daily Digital Marketing Schedule Proven To Work for Financial Advisors (Email, Social Media, SEO and More)
  6. Webinar Replay: New SEC Ad Rule: 5 of the Biggest Marketing Opportunities for RIAs To Grow With Max L. Schatzow, Esq.
  7. A Month’s Worth of Marketing: How the Most Successful Financial Advisors Spend Their Time
  8. How To Convert Website Visitors Into Clients: A Deep Dive Into Automating Processes and Tech With Taylor Schulte CFP®
  9. 10 Creative Ways Advisors ARE Nailing It on Social Media With Sara Grillo

Lead Conversion

  1. How to Generate Leads for Your Financial Advisory Business in 2020 and Beyond Without Cold Calling
  2. Landing Pages for Lead Generation: Conversion Driving Tips for Financial Advisors
  3. How To Use Webinars To Generate Leads For Your Advisory Business
  4. 6 Tips for Killer Lead Generation Campaigns for Financial Advisors
  5. 4 Easy Ways Financial Advisors Can Get More Conversions From Their Landing Pages
  6. How to Follow-Up With Leads for Max Conversion: A Financial Advisors Guide

Email Marketing

  1. What is Email Personalization + 4 Techniques Financial Advisors Can Start Using Today
  2. 6 Types of Emails Financial Advisors Can Use To Grow Their Business
  3. NEW RESEARCH: When & How Clients Want Their Financial Advisor to Communicate with them | Email 2021
  4. Email Marketing for Financial Advisors: 6 List Segmentation Best Practices
  5. 5 Tweaks to Take Your Emails From Meh to Must-Read
    9 Email Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking Today
  6. 4 Email Drip Campaigns That Every Financial Advisor Needs
  7. 7 Ways to Capture More Attention With Email Subject Lines
  8. 5 Newsletter Best Practices For Financial Advisors to Implement TODAY

Content Marketing

  1. 10 Tried and True Ways to Hook People With the First Line of Your Content (For Social Media, Emails AND Blogs!)
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content for Financial Advisors
  3. How Often Should Financial Advisors Add New Content to Their Websites?
  4. Comparing Content Resources for Financial Advisors
  5. Creating Killer Blog Content Ideas for Your Financial Planning Blog
  6. Content Marketing Toolkit: Tips & Templates for Financial Advisors
  7. Creating Top Trending Blog Content For Your Advisor Blog

Website Design

  1. 3 Critical Website Updates to Make In Wake of the Coronavirus
  2. 6 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign
  3. 10 of the Best Examples of Mobile Website Design
  4. 7 Of Our Favorite and Free Design Tools
  5. 10 Of Our Favorite Sites For Free Stock Photos
  6. How to Write a Strong Bio for Your Website (It’s one of the top pages read on advisors’ sites after all!)
  7. Excellent Examples of Well-Written Copy for Financial Advisors
  8. 5 Amazing Before and After Advisor Website Transformations

Video Marketing

  1. How to Create a Video Content Plan
  2. 7 Video Optimization Tips for Financial Advisors
  3. How Financial Advisors Can Record Marketing Videos On A Shoestring Budget
  4. Video Marketing for Financial Advisors: Mastering the YouTube Algorithm for Higher Rankings
  5. 3 Simple Steps To Recording Quality Marketing Videos Right On Your Phone
  6. Video Marketing for Financial Advisors: 3 Ways to Promote Video on Your Website and Blog
  7. Video Marketing 101: Harnessing the Power of Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  8. How To Create A Free YouTube Account: A Guide For Financial Advisors

Our Response to COVID-19

At Twenty Over Ten, we’re committed to supporting our customers, employees and their families and the greater financial community as we all work to navigate the COVID‑19 crisis. Learn more about what we’re doing here.

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