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By Paige Jones Webinars

Webinar Replay: 10 Creative Ways Advisors ARE Nailing It on Social Media

4 minute read
Webinar Replay: 10 Creative Ways Advisors ARE Nailing It on Social Media Featured Image

By now you must know that social media is a crucial part of any good digital marketing strategy – you hear it time and time again. But as a financial advisor with stringent industry regulations to comply, it can be hard to perfect your social media presence. From compliance concerns to the challenge of showing your true personality, there’s an array of problems financial advisors face when using social media.

In this webinar replay, Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell and Marketing Coach Sara Grillo give examples of how financial advisors are absolutely crushing it on social media. It’s true! They discuss steps you can take to create relatable, engaging and authentic social media profiles that will help nurture and generate new leads for your firm. We’re here to tell you that nailing your social media strategy isn’t impossible, so click the video below to learn how! Rather not watch? We understand. Scroll to the bottom or download the slides here.

TIMESTAMPS OF 10 Creative Ways Advisors ARE Nailing It on Social Media WEBINAR

0:00 – Introduction and preliminary audience polls

3:04 – Presentation of the agenda

5:15 – Introduction of hosts, Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell and marketing consultant Sara Grillo

7:00 – Poll: why are financial advisors frustrated with social media?

8:55 – Common challenges financial advisors face in social media

14:54 – Tip #1 – Talking vs. Listening [advisor example from Bill Simonet, CFP®, AIF®]

20:55 – Tip #2 – Emojis [advisor example from Winnie Sun]

23:22 – Tip #3 – LinkedIn Pulse [advisor example from Lance Drucker ChFC ®, CLU ®]

26:42 – Tip #4 – Cover photos [advisor example from Kieran Yeo]

29:00 – Tip #5 – Action-oriented [advisor example from Kieran Yeo]

31:20 – Tip #6 – Video [advisor example from Jeanne Fisher, CFP®, CPFA, MBA]

46:55 – Tip #7 – Images [advisor example from Caleb Brown, MBA, CFP®]

49:55 – Tip #8 – Curiosity [advisor example from Sophia Bera, CFP®]

52:19 – Tip #9 – Headlines [advisor example from Eric Roberge, CFP®]

53:35 – Tip #10 – Humor [advisor example from Dan Johnson, CFP®]

56:29 – So you’re “connected” … now what? How to authentically engage with your audience

57:30 – LinkedIn training, webinars, and coaching services overview from Sara Grillo [visit https://saragrillo.com/product/membership-prime-portal/ and use code GrilloTwentyTen for $25 off through Feb. 1, 2019]

58:37 – Overview of Twenty Over Ten and Market Assist

1:00:11 – Questions and how to connect with Samantha Russell and Sara Grillo

Recommended tools mentioned during the webinar: Gimbal or tripod, Loom, Animoto, Veme.ly, Canva, Clipomatic

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