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By Emily Matyas Outreach

Canva: The Marketing Tool You’ve Been Missing

4 minute read

Visual Marketing is the next big thing of social media. Social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have set a high standard for marketers to create visual content that tells a story, and you’ve probably noticed yourself that you are more drawn to click on posts in your feeds if they contain compelling images. However, the problem is that most of us are not graphic designers or savvy enough to create compelling graphics on the fly. Enter: Canva.

Canva for FinancialAdvisors
an example graphic we created using Canva


Studies show that consumers only offer roughly three seconds of attention to each social post. That limited window of time makes it critical that you offer simple imagery that is easy to process and quickly conveys your brand’s message. And can you believe that imagery is processed 60,000 times faster than text?! So next time you’re writing out that tweet, consider adding an image to enhance your post and consumer engagement.



marketing for financial advisors

What is Canva?

Canva, is a free visual content creation tool specially made for non-designers. Aside from its massive library of pre-designed, pre-sized templates, Canva also boasts thousands of premium-quality design elements ranging from custom fonts to free stock photos. The tool also offers a Design School for all of its users. The Canva team uses the platform to publish all articles and guides related to design including a number of posts dedicated to how users can fully maximize the Canva tool for real-world tasks.

marketing for financial advisors

How Can i utilize Canva?

If your marketing efforts are executed by more than one individual, Canva can help create continuity among your social posts. After creating your Canva account, you can invite up to 10 additional members t your team for free. At Twenty Over Ten, we use Canva among our marketing team frequently as it has proven results in increasing engagement. We recommend checking out this case study from Canva to see how others are leveraging the platform for social success.

marketing for financial advisors

Why should financial advisors use Canva?

Most financial advisors know they need to be on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Especially to appeal to Gen X and Millennials. However, not many know how to capture the attention of this younger clientele. Canva offers financial advisors the opportunity to stand out to their targeted audience on social media without needing to be a marketing expert. The platform’s visually appealing templates allow busy financial advisors to get a great design in no time. Add Canva to your marketing toolkit today. You can thank us later.

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