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By Ryan Russell Outreach

Our Commitment to Helping Advisors With Crisis Communications During COVID-19

4 minute read
Our Commitment to Helping Advisors With Crisis Communications During COVID-19 Featured Image

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented shift to digital communication for everyone, including financial advisors. With in-person meetings and events canceled, most of the country in lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the markets in turmoil, it has been an extraordinary time for all business owners.

The shift to go “all-digital” has left many advisory firms scrambling, and has shown that digital communication and marketing tools are an absolute necessity now more than ever. Communicating quickly and providing timely, relevant information to clients online has never been more important.

At the same time, advisors around the world are seeing their revenue drop with the markets, and the stress of crafting and managing communications to send out to clients and prospects is adding to the strain on their businesses.

Our leadership team is committed to assisting advisors with their marketing and communication strategies and providing timely, relevant content and digital tools to communicate efficiently with clients and prospects.

content for financial advisors to use about the pandemic and economic downturn

Here’s what we are doing to help:

1.We’ve assembled a special content team, relevant to the current pandemic and market downturn and are releasing 3-4 new communication pieces for advisors to use each week relevant to the pandemic and markets. This content can be deployed from our content library via blog posts, social media, email, or broadened into more automated, comprehensive campaigns.

2.We’re extending our initial free trial for new Lead Pilot users to 7 days (a trial does not limit any of the functionality of the service). This offer also applies to our month-to-month subscription plan, so there is absolutely no commitment to use the service after the initial free 7 days.

3. We’re reducing the monthly fee to use Lead Pilot by 50% for the first year of service through July 15. If you do choose to continue using Lead Pilot (and we hope you do), the fee you pay for the first year will be 50% off the list price (after the discount, the fee would be $124.50/month for annual subscription plans, or $149.50 for monthly plans). Those interested should use the coupon code 50OFFANNUAL for an annual plan or 50OFFMONTHLY for a monthly plan when creating their Lead Pilot account.

As always, we’ll continue to offer unlimited support, regular on-boarding, and helpful resources via our blogs and strategic webinars at no cost. Some of those resources are listed below.

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3. Public Relations 101: Crisis Communications 

4. What the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means for Your Marketing: 9 Crucial Steps Every Advisor Should Take Right Now

5. 4 Ways Consumer Behaviors Are Changing due to COVID-19, + 2 Ways Your Business Can Adapt

6. Cutting Marketing Costs & Budgeting Time Amid COVID

These are unprecedented, difficult times. We know our efforts are just a small drop in the bucket in the larger scheme of things, but we do sincerely hope they will help advisors with their integral communication efforts.


Ryan Russell
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Twenty Over Ten