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By Paige Jones Outreach

Using Video for Great First Impressions

4 minute read
Using Video for Great First Impressions Featured Image

Today we are featuring a guest blog from Paul Kingsman, a sought-after expert on how to be distraction-proof. Through his speaking, writing, and coaching, he teaches financial services professionals how to maintain focus and take practical daily steps to successfully grow their businesses and achieve outstanding long-term results. To learn more about Paul and how he can equip you or your team to achieve your own outstanding results, watch his vlog below that he made for us and visit his website.

Create Warm Leads with a Video Featuring You


Making a great first impression and getting warm leads are two things every advisor desires. Here’s a great way to achieve them both. [00:00:07]

My name is Paul Kingsman, and I’m working with the team at Twenty Over Ten bringing this business-building idea. [00:00:15]

Using video on your website is a great way to introduce yourself to prospects. They can watch you whenever they want to, at that point, and they can get a feel for you and how you operate your business. [00:00:28]

You can do a piece to camera, like this, just introducing yourself: telling them some about your philosophy and what you like to focus on, and types of clients you like to work with. [00:00:38]

Or, you can respond like an interview format. So, for instance, you could have pre-scripted questions and pretend someone is actually interviewing you and answer those questions. [00:00:49]

“I enjoy working with family and friends, dispensing financial advice and really helping them plan and protect their financial future over the long haul.” [00:00:57]

Either way, it’s a great way to get some of you out and onto your website. That way when people do respond to those videos, technically, they’re warm leads: they’ve seen you in action, they’ve heard you, and so they’re comfortable calling you, ready to take that next step. [00:01:15]

You’re a professional speaker whether you like it or not. You’re looking to use words to compel people to take actions. There’s no easier way to appeal to all of their senses than by producing a short video, just like this, setting it on your website, helping people get a feel for how you work and what they can expect when they come in to your office and meet you for the first time. [00:01:38]

And if you have any questions about doing that, just contact the great team at Twenty Over Ten. [00:01:43]

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