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By Elizabeth Ritger Webinars

Webinar Replay: How to Grow Sales with Video Marketing

2 minute read
Webinar Replay: How to Grow Sales with Video Marketing Featured Image

Video Marketing: The Secret to Taking Your Sales to the Next Level

video marketing webinar with vyral marketing

Are you looking for unique ways to reach out to prospects? Using video can help you gain trust among your network while sharing important financial information. In this webinar, listen as Scott Sillari from Vyral Marketing gives us the ins and outs of video marketing and how it can help you connect with prospects and successfully engage with your clients.


0:00  Introduction to Scott, Vyral Marketing and Video Marketing

3:29 How can video marketing help you grow sales?

4:50 Building your prospect list

5:10 Sending a Reconnect message

6:27 How to start your videos

7:07 Creating Content

9:00 Steps for your first videos

11:50 Tracking Engagement

13:22 Q+A: Important tips for your video

23:00 9 Key Benefits of Video Marketing

29:19 Database Marketing Plan

30:03 The Database Reset

31:11 Uploading and Sharing Video

34:20 What is required for compliance?

37:40 Suggested Equipment

43:10 How can Vyral Marketing help you?

50:40 How to add video via Twenty Over Ten

Recommended equipment: Webcams, Yeti mic, Rode mic

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