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By Amanda Larson Outreach

4 Marketing Resolutions for Financial Advisors

6 minute read
4 Marketing Resolutions for Financial Advisors Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten we can’t believe we’re already half way through the year! Like many others financial advisors start out the New Year with resolutions. We’re not talking weight-loss goals, we’re talking resolutions for your marketing efforts. What marketing resolutions did you make earlier this year and how are you tracking? Forgot to set your marketing resolutions back in January? Don’t fret. Here are four marketing resolutions for financial advisors that you can still achieve by the end of the year.

1. Declutter

Your website exists to attract visitors and the number one goal of your website is to convert visitors into leads. Your website should be ready at all times to achieve this goal but bounce rates will be high if your site is simply too cluttered. Decluttering your website involves the following:

  • Removing and updating outdated content – Content hoarders you’re not alone! Especially in the financial services industry. Remember: less is more so keep what works and eliminate the rest. Canned, out-of-date, or poorly written content is at best uninteresting and at worst negatively affects your SEO. Your site should feature a mix of quality content that falls into four categories: evergreen, dynamic, original and third-party. Unsure what these categories mean? Check this out.
  • Updating meta descriptions – Meta descriptions can influence the decision of the searcher as to whether they want to click your content from search results or not. The more descriptive, attractive and relevant the description you create, the more likely someone will click through. Get our checklist to write a killer meta description.
  • Checking all links – Although it may not seem like it, broken links can cause a lot of damage. A single broken link can not only impact your SEO ranking but will affect your user experience and can result in high exit rates and lost customers. Be sure to go through your site as a normal visitor would and click all links to ensure you’re not running into the dreaded 404 error.

2. Get Organized

Your content strategy is your “why.” Why are you doing what your doing? Developing a content plan and furthermore aligning SEO to that plan may seem very tactical in nature but it will ultimately help document early on how you’ll execute your strategy.  One way we like to get organized is by creating an editorial calendar. Editorial calendars come in many different shapes and forms but they are a great way to stay organized and help outline the following:

  • The platforms you plan to use to get your story out
  • The types of content you’re producing such as blogs, eBooks, videos, etc.
  • Frequency of the content you’re producing and it’s publishing schedule
  • Calls-to-action
  • Responsible parties for producing content

3. Be more Analytical

Analyzing your content via tools like Google Analytics can really help inform your content marketing goals and improve your content marketing efforts. Evaluating your content on a regular basis is critical to iterating on it for a successful digital presence. Google Analytics provides website owners with over 10,000 metrics to help analyze how your website and digital marketing is performing. We’ve found that for financial advisors these metrics matter most.

4. Get a New Look

There’s no doubt that your website is the first impression new clients will experience. It is available 24/7, at all the hours that you are not. The website standards that applied for financial advisors just a few years ago are no longer going to cut it, yet the new standards are ever-evolving. A boiler-plate template with stock quotes says nothing about you or why someone should choose to work with you, yet you must still take industry regulations (such as compliance and archiving) into consideration. We specifically created Twenty Over Ten to introduce great design and accessibility into the financial services industry with a low-risk, affordable up-front cost (and no contracts). Our platform is the most comprehensive, allowing you (or us) to tailor your design, content, and structure to meet your specific voice and offerings.

Amplify Your Marketing

Effectively marketing your new financial planning business is vital to the success of your new practice and it all starts with your online presence. From building websites to social media and Google Analytics we’re here to help!

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