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By Blair Kelly Outreach

How to Write a Strong Bio for Your Website (It’s One of the Top Pages Read on Advisors’ Sites After All!)

14 minute read
How to Write a Strong Bio for Your Website (It’s One of the Top Pages Read on Advisors’ Sites After All!) Featured Image

First impressions are everything, as it generally only takes 7 seconds for your business to make a good impression. So, when someone comes to you trying to find someone who can help them out, it’s pertinent that you catch their eye quickly. One way to do this is by having a strong bio. Typically, a prospective client seeks out a financial advisor with the hope of finding a professional who:

  • Can help them with their finances, investments, and taxes.
  • Is within their desired budget.
  • They can get along with, trust and develop a relationship over time.

As one of many financial advisors marketing your services online, how can you connect with prospective clients in an authentic way?

First, let’s take a step back and discuss why your online presence is so important. The projected growth of financial advisors in the US is 30% from 2014 – 2024. That means in the very near future clients will have even more options about with whom they entrust their financial future. How do you stand out online? We have a wild suggestion: be yourself! 

You can check out a step-by-step guide on how to create a team page that people will want to read.

Tips to Creating a Strong Bio

6 Tips For Writing Strong Bios:

1. Be Authentic

As a financial advisor, it is most likely your goal to build life-long relationships with your clients. That takes two important things: Trust and value (in that order). How can you effectively communicate and establish this with clients online?

[Spoiler alert] the second most read page on your website is usually your bio (or about us page). Typically this page is used to communicate why you’re in the industry, why you’re passionate about finance, and the experiences you’ve had that make you unique. It goes without saying that your bio page should be honest and authentic and let people get to know you on a more personal level. Perhaps you work with divorced women and you yourself have gone through a divorce, or perhaps you accumulated debt early in life and want to help others find financial independence as you have.

It’s okay to be vulnerable. In fact, the most successful advisors share personal stories and information right on their website or blog, inviting visitors to get to know them better.

Windsor wealth team jumping up like in those old 80s movies

We love these hover photos from FMG clients, Windsor Private Wealth as they show a fun side. Just like one of those classic 80’s movie endings, the classic freeze frame jump. The photo really shows prospects and clients the type of people they’ll be working with. Maybe they’ll even take a jumping photo with you.

2. First Impressions Matter

It is critical that all advisors understand the limited amount of time they have to make a first impression. If you’re looking to attract clients online, as we mentioned above, you only have a few seconds to leave a great first impression!

As mentioned previously, most prospective clients seeking a financial advisor are looking for someone that they are compatible with, someone they can get along with, and someone they can trust and grow with. Leaving a strong first impression through your bio is the first step in achieving this sense of trust.

Braun-Bostich & Associates makes a wonderful first impression with very professional, uniform photos and job descriptions for each team member.

Example image for advisors first impression

3. Write in First Person

When writing your bio, then if you write in first-person, it will seem much more personal and relatable. In the financial industry, it’s important that you are showing your “human” side and making sure your website visitors and leads can truly get to know you as much as possible through your website. If you have a large team, you can have an “introduction section” above all the other bios that is in the third person, but then each team member should be in the first person.

Mike Kelly Bio page

Twenty Over Ten clients, Kelly Financial Planning was founded by Mike Kelly, CFP®, CPC. He has included an extensive bio so that his website visitors can find out how the firm was started, his background and what he does outside of the office. Writing in the first person leads to knowing that he has written this and said what he wanted to say, rather than someone else doing it for him, showcasing the authenticity.

We also love the bio section for Laura Rotter, CFA, MBA, CFP of True Abundance Advisors. She is a fiduciary, fee-only financial planner sharing her story about how she got to where she is today plus the plan that she has for the clients that she serves so that they can live a more abundant and fulfilling life. 

About Laura Rotter

4. Informality Can Go a Long Way

Though so many advisors are different, they often offer similar services. Visit a handful of advisor websites and you’ll soon find that many advisors sound the same. When writing your own website content and bio, try to keep in mind that most clients will choose to work with someone they actually like and most importantly, feel they can trust.

Behind the financial descriptions of your services and process, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and get creative with your bio. Include first-person language such as “I” and “we” to build rapport, share a glimpse into your life with personal stories, or even share an unexpected canine partner.

informality goes a long way with these advisors

FMG clients, Texas Financial Advisory has a really laid-back team page. Everyone is wearing fun bright colors instead of classic black and brown. Each team member has their own description that allows you to expand out and see more.

5. Share Your Story

Why did you get into your field of interest? How did you choose your career path? What makes you well-equipped to work with a specific group of clients? These are just some of the many questions that your prospective client is eager to know. Your client wants to hear your story and know your purpose. Consider sharing a glimpse into your life to build rapport and trust with prospective clients.

In the image above from Twenty Over Ten client, Portrait Wealth, they do a great job of including a formal headshot of Michael Strauss, CFP ® followed by pictures of his family below. It’s comforting to see the “human” side of who will be helping you navigate your finances in your journey toward financial independence and freedom.

By sharing your story, you have a chance of connecting with a potential client on a more meaningful level. Think about your own first impressions of others – we are much more likely to want to reach out and connect with someone we feel we understand a bit about, especially if we feel their story will help them understand us as well.

6. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Your bio is all about YOU! So stop trying to write it however you think you are supposed to make yourself sound, or what you think the bio of a financial professional should sound like.

Along with your professional experiences and educational degrees, don’t be afraid to share a glimpse into the advisor behind the screen- share who you are, share your personal interests, your aspirations, and your hobbies. These little yet meaningful descriptions and blurbs can truly establish a sense of trust and rapport between you and your prospective client. The viewer of your site may immediately grasp interest in you without even meeting you yet because you both share a personal hobby or trait!

Geulich Capital Management allows site visitors to learn more about their team with an in-depth look at who they are and what they do. And it’s all just one click away.

Example of allowing you to learn more

Needless to say, you can take many approaches with your website bio. You can step outside of the box and share your pet partner in the firm. You can take an informal approach and share a story or glimpse into your life growing up. Or you can share both a professional and personal bio to give more information on the person “behind the suit” and further establish trust and rapport.

Gold Canyon team

As you can see, Gold Canyon Financial Planning does an incredible job of personalizing their bios in their team section. Not only have they included the bios for Diane and Tracy, but they included their dogs, Mickey, Cortez, and JLo as the Chief Wellness Officer and Associate Wellness Officers. This shows their fun side and makes that initial meeting easier for prospects and it might resonate with other dog lovers!

7. Include a Nice Headshot

Add in even more personality by having a nice headshot as your profile picture, it’s important to remember that it’s one of the first things someone sees on any of your social media pages. And as they say, first impressions matter a lot. To get a great headshot follow these steps:

  • Don’t have your back against a wall, try sitting on a stool or try standing freely.
  • Make sure you have a genuine smile, you want to look approachable.
  • Have the photo be of your head and shoulders.
  • Be sure to look directly at the camera.
  • Include natural light to make the photo more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Wear what you’d wear to work.

Following these steps can result in a fantastic headshot, like this one of Tank on the Fuerst Financial Group website.

a lovely headshot for financial advisor

That’s a Wrap

No matter your approach, after writing your bio, take time to review it and ask the following important question: Is this someone I would want to work with? It’s important to be professional and trustworthy, but showing the lighter side can be a great idea too. Let your future clients get to know you a bit more so when it comes time to meet them, they feel comfortable as if they have already gotten to know them.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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