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By Samantha Russell Outreach

6 Steps For Advisors to Writing Great Website Content (VIDEO)

4 minute read
6 Steps For Advisors to Writing Great Website Content (VIDEO) Featured Image

On May 24th, 2016, some members of the Twenty Over Ten marketing team presented a live webinar on “6 Steps to Writing Great Website Content“. This presentation was recorded and can be viewed below. Additionally, you can view just the slides used here. Skip to the video below to get started!

How Do I Get Started Writing Content For My Financial Advisor Website?

We understand that for most advisors (or most people in general really!) the hardest part of creating or re-designing a new website is writing the content. You may have questions such as:

• What pages and subpages are important for a financial planning firm to have on their website?
• How much content is too much for a financial advisors’ site?
• Should I write my Bio in first or third person?
• How much detail do I need to provide about my financial planning services?
• How do I get visitors to my website to take the next step?
• Where do I even start?

In this 1 hour webinar (recorded live), we answered these questions and discuss our tried-and-true approach for developing the best website content. We also looked at examples of financial advisor websites and discuss what makes some work and why others need some improvement. 

6 Steps For Advisors To Writing Great Website Content

After viewing this webinar, you should be able to take our 6-step process and use it as a template to develop content for your own financial advisor website. Please note – our presentation is meant to serve as a guide for writing content on the more static pages of your website (homepage, about, services, etc) – not your blog or other dynamic web content. Enjoy!

STEP 1 – Establish Goals
STEP 2 – Get Organized
STEP 3 – Create Outline
STEP 4 – Easy to Scan Headers
STEP 5 -Fill in Content
STEP 6 – Add Tag Lines

SEO For Financial Advisors

Once you get your site content laid out, you’ll want to go back and ensure your content contains the keywords and phrases your potential clients might be searching for sot that your website can actually More Steps You Can Take to Improve Search Engine Optimization:



Access “6 Steps to Writing Great Website Content

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