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By Lauren Keeports Webinars

Webinar Replay: Authentic Marketing – The Secret Behind the Most-Trusted Brands

3 minute read
Webinar Replay: Authentic Marketing – The Secret Behind the Most-Trusted Brands Featured Image

Authentic Marketing: Case Studies of Big Brands & Other Financial Advisors


As a financial advisor asking clients to trust you with their life savings and future security, authenticity is of the utmost importance. But how do you portray your business as authentic to potential and current clients? Authentic marketing is showing, saying and doing what you believe in order to grow a business. In other words, a company that practices authentic marketing says what it means and, more importantly, backs it up with action.

In our tutorial below, we examine case studies of companies that have successfully used authentic marketing in action, and explain how you can employ this strategy to grow your own financial planning business.

TimeStamps of Content Offered in the Webinar

0:00- Introduction to Twenty Over Ten, presenter’s background, and authentic marketing topic

1:42- What is your story? Define your purpose

2:41- Twenty Over Ten’s story

4:40- What is authentic marketing?

6:20- Brand example: Lodestar Financial Planning

8:13- Brand example: Pro Wealth

9:20- Brand example: Inspiration Planning

11:15- Brand example: Gibson Wealth

12:50- Brand example: Fintentional

13:40- Why authentic marketing?

14:55- Assess your current marketing: the 5 second test

16:56- Establishing an authentic voice

17:56- 4 ways to create an authentic voice

18:47- #1 Know and accept yourself

20:38- Brand example: Instagram > Burbn

24:30- #2 Be clear and direct

25:08- Brand example: Mint Blog

28:24- #3 Be honest- vulnerability and emotions go a long way

30:38- Brand example: Warby Parker

35:35- #4 Create a community

37:23- Brand example: GoPro

39:00- Homework: Now it’s your turn. Do this next.

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