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By Paige Jones Webinars

Webinar Replay: A Month’s Worth of Marketing: How the Most Successful Financial Advisors Spend Their Time

3 minute read
Webinar Replay: A Month’s Worth of Marketing: How the Most Successful Financial Advisors Spend Their Time Featured Image

As a busy financial advisor and business owner, we know it can get hard to juggle all that goes into digital marketing. On top of that, the number of tools and tactics you can use for your digital marketing strategy can get super overwhelming. In this webinar replay, we’ll go over how the most successful advisors are using their time wisely to market their firm.

Want to know how your website, social media, blog, and email campaigns can convert the most leads? Watch our webinar replay to find out! And if you don’t have time to check out the whole video, check out the slide deck at the very bottom.


0:00 – Introduction, Twenty Over Ten services, and Samantha Russell (host)

0:44 – Agenda

2:01 – Preliminary surveys

5:00 – What advisors are doing for marketing at a bare minimum

10:08 – Characteristics of websites that never get leads

11:11 – Characteristics of websites that get 6 or more clients per year

21:20 – Overview of social media (scheduling, content, tools)

23:42 – Audiences of each social media platform

27:15 – How advisors can see the most success on social media

33:34 – Overview of blogging and examples

36:15 – How often should you blog?

37:00 – Resources and tools for blogging, an overview of Content Assist

39:15 – How advisors can see the most success through blogging

42:35 – Overview of email marketing

46:23 – Resources and tools for email marketing

47:23 – Overview of case studies and interviews with advisory firms

51:22 – Introduction of Market Assist

53:10 – Closing remarks and questions, contact information for CMO Samantha Russell

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