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By Ryan Russell Outreach

4 Things to Consider When Creating your Company’s Website

8 minute read
4 Things to Consider When Creating your Company’s Website Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten we take pride in our product, our partners, and our users. It’s through feedback from these parties that we continue to improve our platform to meet the needs of today’s Financial Advisors and Professionals. We’re humbled by the stunning growth and interest from financial advisors around the country.

We’ve quickly become the most dynamic website design platform available for financial advisors. When we began working with clients, we were the only website provider for financial advisors who offered mobile responsive websites exclusively (as in, we have never offered websites that were not mobile responsive). As we continue to lead the way in regards to both design and technical advances in website design, we are happy to see our peers begin to understand the importance of both great design and cutting-edge technology, and slowly (verrry slowly) changes are being made in this industry that has historically been difficult in so many ways when it came to online marketing.

If you’re thinking about creating a new website or updating your current site, the standards that applied for financial advisors just a few years ago are no longer going to cut it, yet the new standards are ever-evolving.  A boiler-plate template with stock quotes says nothing about you or why someone should choose to work with you, yet you must still take industry regulations (such as compliance and archiving) into consideration.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to see if your online presence meets the requirements of today’s industry:

1. Is my website mobile responsive?

The most important person when it comes to your website is your user. User Experience design is how we create a seamless experience for your current and potential clients regardless of the device. The majority of users now access online content via mobile devices (i.e. phones and tablets) and its essential that your website is built with those devices in mind.

Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. – Smashing Magazine

We think that mobile responsive web design is a necessity, not an up-charge. We see a dangerous trend that our competitors have implemented: adding fees to ensure that your website is mobile responsive (read the fine print: mobile-ready is not mobile responsive). Every site we produce is mobile responsive, without exception, for the same monthly fee.

Additionally, as of April 21st 2015, any website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices will no longer be listed in mobile search results (read more here). You should make sure that the website you (or a professional) are building for your business is mobile responsive, NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Am I prepared in case of a compliance audit?

There are plenty of compliance landmines when it comes to your marketing content (including your website content). As a financial professional you are responsible for all of your marketing materials (this includes digital marketing and websites too). There are a number of restrictions that help guide what you can and can’t say as a financial advisor to protect both you and your clients. In instances where compliance will want to review your marketing materials, you will need immediate access to every change made to your website. Be sure these records are kept, organized, and stored for the future in case of an audit.

Our system archives each website update, no matter how small, that you or a team member pushes live to the web. You will have access to a date-stamped pdf with all of your website content, as well as a versioned URL of your website at that moment in time. With updates in new technologies and the rise of mobile media a simple screenshot simply is not enough.

3. Is there a support system in case of questions or emergencies?

It’s murphy’s law. Many financial advisors aren’t well versed in the intricacies of HTML, web design, and DNS setup to manage their website. There are platforms available for low cost but can be targets for hackers and spammers. Be sure you have a support system in place to access or contact in the event you’re having troubles with your website.

We’re excited to help you with any questions you might have with your Twenty Over Ten website. We offer several ways to get in touch, including a complete support website, which includes a ticket submission system where users can detail questions, attach screenshots, and leave their contact information. Of course, we also respond to support@twentyoverten.com for all your inquiries. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and our no-contract policy keeps us accountable.

4. What’s my budget?

Custom websites that meets the latest standards of design and accessibility can have a costly price tag associated with them. Additionally, adding a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to update content on your own can increase that price even more. If you choose to go for a low-cost platform you may be stuck with the standard template, stock imagery, or farmed content for your site. Having a budget will help you identify which option is right for you.

Our pricing offers advisors a front-edge mobile responsive website at a low up-front cost. If you choose to have us build your website we have a number of bundles to choose from to ensure you create a website that fits within your budget (find out more about our bundles). Users also have the ability to build a website themselves.

Our fees include hosting, access to your personal dashboard 24/7, ongoing support, and website archiving for compliance. Additionally, we don’t believe in contracts, so if you are unhappy you can cancel at anytime (seriously, you can do it directly through your dashboard without jumping through hoops) so there’s no risk.

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