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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: Blogging 101: How to Get Started in 60 Minutes

5 minute read
Webinar Replay: Blogging 101: How to Get Started in 60 Minutes Featured Image

By now you know how important blogging is for your advisory firm. If you want to drive leads to your website, then you need to create click-worthy content that is search engine optimized. In addition, by blogging you can prove yourself to be a thought-leader in the industry, just be sure to update your blog regularly with material that is both informative and relevant.

In this webinar replay, Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell and Perfectly Planned Content founder, Zoë Meggert, discuss ways to segment your work and begin blogging in just 60 minutes! If you don’t have time to watch it all, that okay! You can just scroll to the bottom or download the slides here.

TIMESTAMPS OF blogging 101: how to get started in 60 minutes

0:00 – Introduction and preliminary audience polls

0:49 – Introduction of hosts, Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell and Perfectly Planned Content founder, Zoë Meggert

1:30 – Poll: How prolific are you in your blogging?

2:10 – Quick overview of what Twenty Over Ten does

3:40 – Closing of the poll questions: Do you currently have a blog? How often do you blog? Have you received any qualifying leads from your content marketing efforts?

5:40 – Overview of what will be discussed

6:32 – Reintroduction of Samantha Russell and Zoë Meggert

6:54 – Discussion of how the Twenty Over Ten blog has grown business

10:03 – Common challenges of blogging for financial advisors

11:25 – Things to do before getting your blog started

12:47 – The set-up: tools & providers you need to get going

13:16 – Securing a domain name. [example providers: GoDaddy, Namecheap]

13:27 – Choosing a provider that archives for compliance

13:56 – Choosing an easy-to-use blogging platform

14:37 – Where should you house your content? [example providers: Twenty Over Ten, Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube]

16:30 – Mixed media and the importance of using video in your blog posts.

16:41 – First 15 Minutes: Brainstorming Topics

17:30 – Step 1: Break down topics by category

18:12 – Step 2: Make them niche-focused

18:55 – Step 3: Stay evergreen

19:20 – Find your specific niche for your blog

23:10 – Next 5 minutes– Put it in your calendar

25:02 – Next 15 minutes – Build your blogging workflow

26:10 – Blogging workflow steps:

26:55 – Open your website and create a new post

28:33 – Select a topic and write

28:55 – Walk away after writing

29:07 – Come back to post and do more thorough edits

29:24 – Check for SEO with tools. 

30:41 – Schedule your post

30:45 – Promote post once it goes live on social. [tools to use include Hootsuite or Buffer.]

31:07 – Measure and check analytics as you go along

31:25 –  Next 5 minutes: Create your reusable outline

32:31 – Next 10 minutes: Create your SEO strategy

33:10 – Keyword Planner Tool through Google Ad Words

34:53 – SEO best practices

35:04 – Optimized blogging example from Scott Advisory Group

39:05 – Example of how to edit and optimize a blog post in the Twenty Over Ten platform

40:43 – Canva

41:16 – Header tags for an SEO boost

44:08 – Next 5 minutes: Promote your Content

45:33 – Secondary platforms for promotion [example tools: LinkedIn Publisher]

55:41 – The importance of longer post titles

56:21 – What are backlinks?

57:53 – Last 5 minutes: Prep for your writing session

57:57 – What tools can help you with blogging?

58:12 – Images [Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels]

59:16 – Keywords [Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Ubersuggest]

1:00:15 – Quick rundown on Google Search Console

1:04:40 – Workflows [Dropbox, G-Suite]

1:05:00 – Research [Co-Schedule headline analyzer, Google Analytics, HubSpot blog idea generator, Quora, Google Trends]

1:10:47 – Content Assist overview

1:12:44 – Perfectly Planned Content overview and services provided

1:14:48 – Questions and how to connect with Samantha Russell and Zoë Meggert

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