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By Blair Kelly Company

5 Examples of Awesome Advisor Blogs

14 minute read
5 Examples of Awesome Advisor Blogs Featured Image

Blogging has become a HUGE part of digital marketing strategies in 2019 and when done correctly, it can really drive traffic 🚙 to your site, which in turn, can turn leads into clients. Your blogs are a major asset to your digital marketing strategy and SEO efforts, so we put together a list of some of the financial industry’s top examples to help inspire you and ensure you’re getting the most out of your hard work.

At Twenty Over Ten, we get the opportunity to work with so many financial advisors that it’s always so difficult to choose which ones to showcase. There are so many different traits each advisor brings to the table, so today, we’re sharing five different financial advisor blogs and why we ❤️ them so much!

1. Forward Thinking Wealth Management

We had the pleasure of working with Dan Johnson of Forward Thinking Wealth Management to help him develop a new website design, copywriting and SEO. Dan’s firm is unique in that he serves a niche market of physicians and charges a flat fee. Tailoring his website for the niche he serves has really helped Dan gain more quality leads. Generally, when someone visits his website, they know exactly what Dan charges and the services he provides right off the bat.

what we Love most about the forward thinking wealth management blog:

When working with a certain audience, such as doctors and pre-retirees, as Forward Thinking Wealth Management does, you know that those are generally the types of people that are going to be visiting your site looking for more information. So, in Dan’s blog, he knows it’s important to stick to topics that will interest this audience specifically.

Keeping your blog content on topic and ensuring that it pertains to your audience and site visitors is 🔑 to not only maintaining your blog but to seeing your blog thrive! Forward Thinking Wealth Management makes sure to keep their blog updated regularly, which is so crucial to generating a steady stream of traffic and boosting SEO for your site. If someone comes to your website looking for answers and finds them in your blog section, you better believe they will be coming back for more answers down the road and maybe even passing the word along to other friends and family members. You want to prove yourself as a thought-leader in the industry so that you can be seen as a trusted source!

In addition to written content, Forward Thinking Wealth Management has also implemented a vlog, which we love!

financial advisor vlog example forward thinking wealth management

We all know by now that video is no longer a “fad.” It is here to stay and it’s time you jump on the bandwagon. Dan certainly has! Hosted on YouTube Dan is able to easily embed his videos as frequently as he likes by simply adding the video URL onto his Twenty Over Ten website.

tips to model your blog after Foward thinking wealth management:

This blog excels at producing timely content that pertains to the financial industry, specifically doctors and pre-retirees.

  • Produce killer content that is on topic.
  • Be sure that you are creating content in a timely manner.
  • Get creative! Test out other avenues like video to engage with your visitors in a more dynamic way.

2. Retirement Matters Illinois

At Retirement Matters Illinois, Dave Grant believes in enabling his clients to share their stories as he listens, only asking questions where necessary. He has an ideal client profile and utilizes the best technology to walk pre-retirees through their final working years and help them build the confidence necessary to tackle whatever may come next.

why we Love the retirement matters blog:

On this blog page, we love how visitors can check the trifecta of content: blogs, videos and podcasts. Video and podcasts are becoming more and more popular, as they provide a different, more engaging way for people to digest and better understand information. Everyone has a different way that they like to gather information, and by offering his audience a variety of different options, Dave is making it easier than ever!

It’s also important to note that Retirement Matters has created a steady cadence for posting by producing two new blogs a month. That’s all it takes! Keeping a frequency of posting like this helps to keep a steady stream of timely content to keep their visitors and blog followers up to date with recent trends in a timely fashion. This also helps regular site visitors realize a time frame of when they can expect new content to be published and visit to find answers.

Tips to model your blog after Retirement matters Illinois:

  • Produce awesome content that is shared on a “semi-schedule.”
  • Get creative with your content by producing videos and podcasts.
  • Consider creating a theme or campaign to give your audience to follow along with.

3. Ellevest

We constantly speak about the importance of niche marketing, and Ellevest is a perfect example of a firm that does just that! Ellevest specializes in helping women. They believe that “gender-neutral” investing fails women. Ellevest does things differently using financial insights and gender to build investment portfolios that help their clients reach their goals or better in 70% of markets.

why we Love the ellevest blog:

Although Ellevest isn’t built on the Twenty Over Ten platform there is still a lot of really great reasons to love it! We really enjoy the tone of their overall blog. You immediately get the sense of who they’re speaking to and the vibe of strong 💪🏼 women being behind the posts! Their blog is broken into sections for easier searching, with categories such as “Retirement,” “Investing,” “Career” and “Money & Life.” When you have a large library of articles, creating categories like this is incredibly user-friendly.

ellevest financial advisor blog

Tips to model your blog after ellevest:

This blog caters to the female investors and gives them the confidence they need to move forward!

  • Create killer blog posts that cater specifically to your niche!
  • Break your blog posts into categories.
  • Again, include videos to supplement your blogs.
  • Consider using a content creation service like Canva to create tailored featured images for your blog posts that are on brand.

4. C.L Sheldon & Company

Curtis Sheldon is the president and lead planner of C.L. Sheldon & Company. He and his team specialize in providing financial advice to retired military professionals. Curt is retired fighter pilot in the Air Force, so he has personal experience with the differing types of situations presented by military and veteran benefits. His firm, which is based in Alexandria, Virginia, offers services such as investment and tax planning, risk management, and retirement planning that are designed to meet the needs of retired military personnel and their families.

why the c.l. sheldon & company blog rocks:

As you know, we love advisory firms that have a certain niche as it can really help to drive traffic and cater to people who already know what they want when they visit your site. When it comes to running a blog for a firm like this, you have to be sure that your blog posts are on topic, and the blog section for C.L. Sheldon definitely is.  We also like the timely manner of which they update their blogs. In general, it seems that they post from 1-3 times per week, which is great, because people searching for answers know that they will quickly find what they need on this blog section.

It is also divided into many different sections, which makes perusing the topics much easier and more efficient, which is so important if you are going to create many different blog posts!

tips to model your blog after c.l. sheldon & company:

This blog section provides so much information but makes browsing easy by dividing it into different topics.

  • Produce meaningful content frequently.
  • Cater to a certain niche with topics guaranteed to drive traffic!
  • Use impactful photos in your blog posts.

5. Build a Better Financial Future, LLC

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Build a Better Financial Future, was created to help individuals with unique issues deal with retirement plans, debt management, saving for a home, college or even a vacation! Luis F. Rosa, CFP, founder of Build a Better Financial Future, is here to help you with your needs to create a custom plan that is just for you.

what we Love about the build a better financial future blog:

We loved getting the opportunity to work with Luis on his website design and copywriting. And as an added bonus, Luis also leverages Content Assist. As you may already know, we designed Content Assist specifically for financial advisors assist them in creating blog posts. Built into Twenty Over Ten’s proprietary website-builder, users are able to choose blog posts by category (retirement, home-buying, young adults, etc.), load them into their website, and then edit and further optimize the content for search engines. Advisors have the ability to customize and edit the content to add their voice, SEO keywords, and further promote their expertise, or use the content as-is.

While Mr. Rosa has used content assist to create many of his blog posts, and took it a step further by integrating video into many of them, which we love!

video in financial advisor blog posts, bbff, luis rosa

There’s no doubt that video is an increasingly popular marketing tactic. Recent statistics show that video is here to stay and using it throughout your blog is a safe bet to gain more traffic!

Tips to model your blog after build a better financial future:

  • Consider leveraging Content Assist to help lay the groundwork for publishing optimized, timely blog content.
  • Integrate videos in addition to your written content.
  • Create topics that are relevant and help a wide number of people.


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