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By Amanda Larson Outreach

Roundup: Tech Tools for Financial Advisors [Infographic]

4 minute read
Roundup: Tech Tools for Financial Advisors [Infographic] Featured Image

This week we wrapped up our tech series for financial advisors. And while we sure are sad to see it go, it was seriously one for the books. From social media tools to virtual meetings and file sharing we covered virtually every tech tool needed for financial advisors to start and run their businesses successfully.

If you didn’t catch them all we’re rounding them up in a handy infographic to give you a snapshot of the most compelling statistics into four categories: social media, virtual meetings, meeting scheduling and overall marketing spend. Learn just how many financial advisors are using social media for their business (hint: it’s a lot!) and how other advisors are using various tech tools to run their business smoothly and achieve their goals.

infographic financial advisors
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1. What’s the best virtual meeting provider for your business?

To help those of you already utilizing online meetings and to guide those of you new to the idea, we’ve profiled three popular providers: ScreenMeet, JoinMe and GoToMeeting; covering some of their best features and what you should know about each.

2. What’s the best email service provider for your business?

There are a ton of service providers available to choose from to facilitate your company’s email campaigns and it can be daunting to select which one is right for you. To make it easy for you, we’ve profiled three popular options to consider when planning out your digital marketing strategy. These three main ESP players are AWeber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp. Here, we’ll break down key features and what you should know about each.

3. what’s the best social media scheduling app for your business?

With the growing popularity of social media, it’s crucial to have a presence. To make it easy for you, we’ve profiled three popular options to consider when planning out your digital marketing strategy including tools like CoSchedule, Hootsuite, and HubSpot.

4. what’s the best meeting scheduling app for your business?

Keeping up with your daily, weekly, and even monthly schedule can be challenging. Implementing a meeting scheduling app such as Calendly, Timetrade, or ScheduleOnce, can help alleviate the stress of double-bookings and scheduling conflicts.

5. What’s the best file sharing app for your business?

Sharing files through back and forth emails can be a hassle plus it can be problematic in that it’s easy way to lose track of the most recent updates. Implementing a file-sharing tool such as Dropbox, Sharefile, and NetDocuments can take the stress and confusion away.

6. what’s the best archiving solution for your business?

Twenty Over Ten provides a built-in FINRA and SEC-approved archiving and approval process for websites built on our platform. However, we do know that many advisors are looking for archiving solutions for other communications, and so we’ve outlined a few of our favorite archiving tools (for social media, email, and text messaging communications) from Smarsh, ArchiveSocial, Global Relay, and PageFreezer.

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