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By Nicole Skalamera Outreach

What’s the Best Social Media Scheduling App For Your Business?

5 minute read
What’s the Best Social Media Scheduling App For Your Business? Featured Image

This week in our tech tools blog post series, we’ll be exploring the best social media marketing tools to start and run your financial planning business. With the growing popularity of social media, it’s crucial to have a presence. To make it easy for you, we’ve profiled three popular options to consider when planning out your digital marketing strategy including tools like CoSchedule, Hootsuite, and HubSpot.


We know – just one more thing to add to your marketing to-do list, huh? Running a financial planning business and keeping up with social media can be tough to handle. But these tools can alleviate the stress of marketing for your business on social media by providing unique solutions to best organize, publish, and analyze your online presence.


CoSchedule is an online marketing calendar that helps you organize and maintain your entire marketing schedule. With this tool, you are able to implement an entire marketing strategy while creating a “unified workflow” for social, content, email, events, and more. coschedule social media marketingBest Features:

  • Ability to organize your marketing strategy (one quick glance on a calendar)
  • Collaborate on any projects or tasks among team members
  • Easy scheduling through social media in one simple step, keeping all social and content in one place
  • Insight into your marketing review and analytics with real-time status updates

What to Know:

  • PricingSolo Marketing– $30/ per month, Team Marketing– $60/ per month, Team Pro– $300/ per month



With Hootsuite, you have the ability to schedule your social media posts well in advance. So, instead of having to manually log into your social media accounts to post articles or various other content specifically at a certain time, you can utilize Hootsuite to schedule your posts in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. hootsuite social media marketingBest Features:

  • Tailored marketing solutions for financial services industry while staying compliant and managing social media securely
  • Ability to schedule social media content in advance and curate content [UPDATE: The Hootsuite free plan only allows you to schedule up to 30 message at any given time. To schedule unlimited messages see Hootsuite’s other paid plans.]
  • Provides analytics and social media monitoring
  • Team-oriented platform to allow for collaboration

What to Know:

  • PricingIndividuals– FREE, Professional– $19/ per month, Team– $99/ per month, Business– $499/ per month



HubSpot provides marketing, sales, and CRM Software to grow your business by generating leads and managing your pipeline. They provide numerous products for specific business marketing goals to ultimately increase your online traffic and presence. hubspot inbound marketing & sales softwareBest Features:

  • Increase traffic to website and social media accounts through ad, blog, SEO, and social media software
  • Ability to connect with leads through email tracking, sales email templates, and email scheduling
  • Manage leads through document tracking, meeting schedule, sales automation, lead management, and pipeline management tools
  • A variety of unique products customized for CRM, marketing, and sales business goals

What to Know:

  • PricingBasic– $200/ per month, Pro– $800/ per month, Enterprise– $2,400/ per month


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