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By Amanda Larson Company

Introducing Content Assist

4 minute read
Introducing Content Assist Featured Image

A new kind of content for financial advisors

We’ve listened intently to our users and we learned that above all else, they’re looking for a platform that has everything necessary to effectively run and manage the marketing for their financial firms in one place. Since blogging and content marketing have become one of the most important digital marketing tools for advisors today, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for advisors to publish their own thought leadership.

Content Assist is a new type of content offering solution on the market that was developed specifically for financial advisors to assist them in creating blog posts. Built into Twenty Over Ten’s proprietary website-builder, all Twenty Over Ten users are able to choose blog posts by category (retirement, home-buying, young adults, etc.), load them into their website, and then edit and further optimize the content for search engines. Advisors have the ability to customize and edit the content to add their voice, SEO keywords, and further promote their expertise, or use the content as-is. It’s available to all of our users for no additional fee, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

Studies show that content continues to be the backbone of an integrated digital approach – businesses who prioritize blogging experience a 13X increase in ROI, according to Forbes. Despite the growing importance of content creation for businesses, cost, time and complexity of creating content at scale still remain challenges and are often prohibitive for financial advisors.

twenty over ten content assist preview
Content that’s fast, affordable and customizable.

Content Assist key features:

customizable content

Think of Content Assist as your personal marketing assistant. Use the content as a starting point and add your own flavor to it. Customize content for your particular niche or geographic location to optimize your blogs for audience and search engines like Google.


Every post is catered to specifically to financial advisors. With topics from balancing your personal budget, planning financially for children to saving for a family vacation and the importance of creating a will your readers are sure to come back for more.

fully integrated

Content Assist is directly integrated into your Twenty Over Ten dashboard. No additional plugins or code injections.


If you’re a current Twenty Over Ten customer, you already have access to this service adding Content Assist to your site is easy. Once logged into your Twenty Over Ten dashboard, visit Manage Posts > Add New > Content Assist. If your a current customer and need help unlocking Content Assist on your site, check out this step-by-step guide.

Not a customer yet? Learn More.

We hope you enjoy this new addition as much as we do!

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