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By Elizabeth Ritger Webinars

Webinar Replay: How to Start Your Own Financial Podcast

3 minute read
Webinar Replay: How to Start Your Own Financial Podcast Featured Image

How to Start Your Own Financial Podcast

how to start your own podcast

You may not have considered them to be at the top of your list, but podcasts have become a great marketing tactic. They can differentiate you from other advisory firms and be a great tool for your clients! Because they are all audio, many people enjoy the versatility of being able to listen to them while driving, working out, cooking, etc. So how do you begin?

In a recent Twenty Over Ten webinar co-hosted with, Kirk Lowe of Top Advisor Marketing, he gives his best advice for starting your own financial podcast. You’ll learn everything from which tools to use to how to create awareness once you start.

Timestamps of Content Offered in the Webinar

00:00 Introduction to Twenty Over Ten and Top Advisor Marketing

1:24 Twenty Over Ten showcase examples

8:32 Why to start your own financial podcast and data on podcasting

10:22 The 10 benefits to podcasting

16:35 Equipment you’ll need to start your own podcast and equipment costs

22:34 Mind mapping software

23:39 Podcasting best practices

27:06 How to leverage your podcasts

32:03 Cadence and length of podcasts

34:38 Free advisor resources with Advisor U

35:38 All about Top Advisor Marketing’s podcasting services and contact information

40:05 Momentum: Creating ROI and lead generation with your podcasts

41:45 How momentum creates awareness

43:25 How momentum introduces you to more people and how to leverage LinkedIn

52:00 How and where to host your podcasts

53:32 Twenty Over Ten websites and how to insert your podcasts into your website

56:46 Compliance and podcasting. How to use a transcription service like Trint to work with compliance.

57:35 Participant Q&A

Other resources and equipment mentioned in the webinar: Canva, Audacity, Fiverr, Skype Call Recorder, Storyblocks, PodBean, SoundCloud, MindMeister, Skype, Podcasting Resources, Trint, Podcasting Service, Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

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