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By Elizabeth Ritger Webinars

Webinar Replay: Marketing for Financial Advisors in 6 Easy Steps

2 minute read
Webinar Replay: Marketing for Financial Advisors in 6 Easy Steps Featured Image

Marketing for Financial Advisors in 6 Easy Steps

Marketing for Financial Advisors Webinar

The marketing world is changing, and the financial industry is no exception. You might be taking all the right steps as an advisor, but your firm can’t grow without an effective marketing strategy. So how do you start making changes?

In the webinar recording below, Claire Akin from Indigo Marketing Agency explains her six step formula for marketing your advisory firm online. From SEO to social media, Claire gives an overview of the best strategies to take your firm’s digital marketing to the next level.

Timestamps of Content Offered in the Webinar

0:00 Introduction to Amanda Larson, Claire Akin and Indigo Marketing Agency

4:03 How the Market Has Changed

5:21 Marketing in Six Steps

6:08 Embracing a Specialty

8:04 Minimum Expectations vs. Differentiation

9:28 Step 1: Create an Amazing Website

13:00 4 Tricks for Increasing Your Conversion Rate

19:59 Step 2: Invest in Search Engine Optimization

22:32 Step 3: Build Your Call to Action

26:23 Step 4: Leverage Content Marketing

29:05 Step 5: Stay Top of Mind with Email Marketing

32:17 Step 6: Supercharge with Social Media

37:08 Q&A

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