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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: The Daily Digital Marketing Schedule Proven To Work for Financial Advisors (Email, Social Media, SEO and More)

15 minute read
Webinar Replay: The Daily Digital Marketing Schedule Proven To Work for Financial Advisors (Email, Social Media, SEO and More) Featured Image

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell and Director of Marketing, Amanda Larson take a deep dive into your daily digital marketing schedule that is proven to work for financial advisors.

Agenda [5:47]

  1. Learn exactly what to do Monday-Friday both in the morning and the afternoon
  2. How to update your website and blogs for max impact and lead conversion
  3. How to ensure your emails get opened
  4. Boost engagement on your social media posts

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“It’s Not Working” [7:50]

Common Marketing and Scheduling Challenges 

  • Tempted to be all things to people everywhere. You don’t know what platform to be on.
  • Not using the right or any platforms to help push out content
  • Not having enough staff to execute
  • Not spending enough time

You should be spending a minimum of one hour per day on your marketing, which equals five hours per week. The firms that are really excelling are doing 20-25 hours per week on marketing. 

Sample Schedule

Monday [10:28]

9 AM: Starting on Monday, we want you to have an original piece of content that is the basis for your week going forward. You want to either create it yourself or you can pull content from somewhere else. 

Our Lead PIlot tool can help with this, as you have access to our content library. Whether you are taking it and editing it for your audience or keeping it as is, make sure you are getting content out. If you are a Twenty Over Ten customer, you can add our content to your blog and make it more specific to your audience, then that’s a great way to drive engagement. 

You can choose an article and then you go in there and make edits for your particular audience. When you make it your own, you take the article that we have created and edit to fit your location or to cater to your specific niche by using specific keywords to fit your specific niche

Additional Content Options

If you don’t like to write, you can create a video or a podcast as your piece of content. You can drop it on your page but you will still want to put the summary as a text-based post since the algorithms cannot read a video. 

Remember that when you are putting your videos on a blog to type it out below since Google cannot crawl a video. So, you can create a video first and then summarize below or you can create the content and then easily pop the video in. Make sure you are putting content on your page at least once a week, because Google will rank you higher if you consistently create strong content. 

Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Blogs [19:48]

Use data to create strong titles and determine keywords

Using tools like Google Search Console or Google Keyword Planner or you can just to Google and see what other people are searching for, as this will really help to determine what you should use. 

Add Meta Data

Make sure that it is filled out. Keep them to 160 characters and think of them as “ad copy.” They show up right in the results pages when someone searches, so it’s like a teaser text to entice people to continue reading. Learn more about meta descriptions and how to make them compelling.

Incorporate images with alt text

Google can’t crawl images, so make sure you are incorporating alt text so they can see what it is. 

Add in Links

Link to other pages within your website and other blogs to help Google read the hierarchy of your website. It also helps prospects that land on your website. 

Use Header Tags

Incorporating header tags are a huge factor for improving your SEO ranking, so make sure you are using these properly when writing your blog posts.

Add a Call-to-Action

A strong call-to-action is crucial for enticing your prospects to take that next step down the sales funnel.

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Take Me There

Tuesday [25:22]

10 AM: Finalize and publish the blog post on your website. As an aside, we don’t automatically publish at Twenty Over Ten, because we don’t want your content all going out at the same time. So, we let you choose the pieces that will work for you and your client. We also have a baked-in compliance process, making sure you remain compliant. Publish it early in the week so that you can share it throughout the rest of the week. What’s great about our content is that it is completely editable, so it is not considered duplicate content.

1:30 PM: Post a link to the blog on Twitter and LinkedIn or any other two platforms where you feel as though you will get the most engagement. Additionally, when you go to share it on different platforms, you should position it differently depending on the platform where you are sharing it.

4 PM: Make you sure are commenting on five posts.

Choose at least two platforms where your audience is spending the most time, and make sure you are connected there. Choose where you are going to spend your time and then find 5 posts that you are going to make comments on. If you regularly post, then when someone sees it, they will be more likely to comment back. 

“Comments are currency” in social media, and Google will rank you higher the more comments you get, as this shows you did a great post. It seems that a lot of people are finished with the harder work at 4 PM, so they are perusing social media at this time. 

Wednesday [33:06]

8:45 AM: Post link to the blog on LinkedIn. A lot of people check LinkedIn as they are getting ready for work and you can position it in a certain way to attract more engagement. 

3:30 PM: Post community-focused article to Facebook. This platform is really focused on community and there are so many different local groups on Facebook so you can really connect with others and boost engagement. If you post what is going on in the community, then more people will become accustomed to your telling them what is going on, and it will remind people that you are a part of the community and start to follow you. 

When it comes to posting, it’s best not to post all at the same time since you should drip on them and stay top of mind but without inundating your audience all at once. 

4 PMComment on five posts. 

Using Emojis on Social Media

Emojis are great to use on social media in moderation, so if you are looking for emojis, you can check out this site.

Thursday [37:05]

9:30 AM: Send out a weekly newsletter. Something to remember is to include a personal anecdote. Don’t try to be “salesy” all the time. It’s great to include something that people can relate to. 

3:30 PM: Post a link to the newsletter on your social media channel and include a subscription link in the bio. This can increase access and help to join your contact list. 

It’s great to tag other people, as well, if you are using third party sources as this will increase your visibility on Twitter. 

4 PM: Comment on five posts. 

Common Email Mistakes [40:59]

Using a poor subject line

Entice readers with a strong subject line, and you can use emojis but do so in moderation.

Not adding a sender name

If you add a name, then it adds a personal touch which boosts engagement

Poor timing

Timing is important and Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at 10 AM tend to be the sweet spot for us. 

You aren’t segmenting your lists

You shouldn’t be sending the same content to one list, but rather, lists need to be segmented so that different audiences receive emails that will pertain to them. You should have more than one list, as some would be getting an email weekly, some would be bi-weekly and some monthly.  At a minimum, once a month, maximum, once a week. The sweet spot would be bi-weekly. When it comes to making an impact and getting ROI from your efforts, email is still the most effective. Do not disregard the email, as it’s incredibly impactful. 

You don’t have a clear call-to-action

Without a strong call-to-action, your readers won’t know what step to take next. A strategically placed CTA is a huge step for driving your leads down the sales funnel.

You Are Not using the right tools

When you are using Lead Pilot for your newsletters in, you can change your image, the preview text, your title, etc. At a minimum, once a month, maximum, once a week. The sweet spot would be bi-weekly. When it comes to making an impact and getting ROI from your efforts, email is still the most effective. Do not disregard the email, as it’s incredibly impactful. 

You are not Testing

Play around when you are sending emails and see which ones are getting the most traction. 

Friday [47:33]

10 AM: Post a favorite quote or something fun and personal to at least one profile. Maybe it can be an inspirational quote or image, or something about a hobby. It could feature a local business or non-profit organization. It could be updated on a DIY project. It really doesn’t matter but it should be personal to you or your team 

People go to social media to be entertained and to make a connection, so if you do something personal, these will be your most engaging posts. 

4 PM: Comment on five posts

When we make social posts, we like to use Canva. It’s great for people who aren’t designers by trade, so there are a lot of templates that you can use to create images for your posts. It’s very user-friendly, and it clicks and types to change fonts. You can use headshots, elements, photos and easily upload them. You can export them into any type of file type that you need. 

We have our Twenty Over Ten and Lead Pilot tool with email marketing, drip campaigns, content, lead scoring. We also have a marketing coach program where you can work with us if you are using Lead Pilot.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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