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By Blair Kelly Outreach

6 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

18 minute read
6 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign Featured Image

Your website is an essential part of any advisor business, as it can be accessed 24/7 and is working even when you may not be. But perhaps the most powerful feature is the ability to generate leads and turn those leads into clients.

However, when your website is outdated and not working properly, then you can wave goodbye to any potential lead generation. But how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? Today we’re sharing the top 6 surefire signs it’s time to redesign your advisor website. If you find yourself saying “yes” to any of the below six points then it’s time to embark on a website redesign project.

According to Mohamed Saad, a successful website does three things:

  1.  It attracts the right kinds of visitors.
  2. Guides them to the main services or product you offer.
  3. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relations.

6 Telltale Signs You Should Redesign Your Website

Sign #1: Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Mobile phones are becoming the main way that many advisors interact with their clients, so it only makes sense that your website can load well on a mobile device. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, 85% of affluent Americans own a smartphone. Of those, 89% use their phones for internet access, 88% for email, and 75% for social networking.

With statistics like that, you have got to make sure your website is mobile-friendly! When someone opens your site on the go, if the website doesn’t size correctly or is hard to read or scroll, then more than likely, you will lose that prospective client to a competitor.

Morling Financial

Twenty Over Ten client, Morling Financial Advisors has a website that looks great on any device. And as you can see below, you can very easily schedule an introductory call with the easy-to-find call to action located in vibrant blue color at the bottom. They even have an Android or iPhone app so that you can check your investments from anywhere! It’s incredibly easy, and this can be seen on their webpage, which makes mobile access even more convenient.

Morling Financial Advisors

You can rest easy when you work with Twenty Over Ten, as all the advisor websites we build are always fully responsive. You will find that all of our frameworks are mobile responsive and offer your site visitors a seamless experience regardless of the device a user views your website on.

Sign #2: Your Website Takes Too Long To Load

Just like you’re incredibly busy, so are your prospective clients! From juggling family life, working and planning for the future when they start looking for financial advice, they want information and they want it NOW.

In this day and age, there are just not enough hours in the day. People wear many hats and do so much, so when trying to find someone to help to ease the stress of the day-to-day and help with finances, don’t you want someone that you can work with right off the bat? If you click on the website expecting answers, and the webpage does not load, then right away, you have the potential of losing a potential client. 39 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if the images won’t load or they take too long to do so. Nobody has time to sit around and wait for a page to load, but rather they will leave to head over a competitor who will give them the answers that they want now.

Lago Wealth Management

Not only does Twenty Over Ten client, Lago Wealth Management have a website with a beautiful homepage video image that loads quickly, but you can easily scroll through their website to find out more about their services that they offer.

Sign #3: You Are Not Generating Any New Leads

Other than providing information and helping prospective clients get in touch with you, isn’t the other biggest job of your advisor website to generate leads for your business? If the website platform you’re using is no longer helping you to bring in the leads that you need, then it may be time to re-evaluate and think about switching platforms!

So, what are some important features that your website platform should include in order to assist with lead generation? We’re glad you asked! Here’s three:

1. landing pages

Landing pages are designed to target a set of users by providing some type of offer. Landing pages are designed specifically for the sole purpose to convert website visitors into leads. It’s where your prospects “land” after clicking other marketing links such as from an email campaign and calls-to-action (CTA). Whether you are using your landing page to connect with a specific niche or to promote an upcoming event, then you will obviously want to use a simple and efficient way to get their contact information. This can be done by simply adding a form to your landing page to capture information from potential leads on the way to make your new landing page a high-conversion one.

At Twenty Over Ten, we enable our users to create unlimited landing pages. Whether you need a quick one-off landing page to promote a seminar, lunch-and-learn, webinar or you have a new eBook or checklist to promote you can quickly and easily create multiple landing pages to generate 10X more leads for your advisor business. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the left of your dashboard, you will see the pages in your main navigation listed and then a section for “Other Pages.” The Other Pages section is for pages on your website that are not linked in your navigation bar, which you can set up to act as landing pages for a variety of purposes!

Click ‘add new’ to add a page with the desired functionality for your landing page (standard page, blog page, team member page, external link).

Setting up a landing page

Setting up a landing page

Step 2: Add the appropriate information in the overlay, including a page title.

Setting up a landing page

Step 3: Add content to your new landing page and then publish your new page to your live site.

Additionally, with Lead Pilot, advisors can utilize brand-centric landing pages and help to boost lead generation. Each advisor will get their own landing page template which can help you to:

  • Convert more leads by sending them to highly specific landing pages
  • Customize every aspect of the page
  • Choose the call-to-action that converts best for you
  • Update or tweak the landing page design at any time

Lead Pilot landing pages

It’s simple and easy and can make a world of difference when it comes to conversions.

2. clear calls to action

call-to-action is such a huge part of your website and it’s crucial that you give your visitors a next step to take. By having this, an action that someone can take on your site adds that even more value to your digital marketing efforts. Calls to action come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms but we believe they worked best when styled as buttons or other visually intriguing ways. Within the Twenty Over Ten platform we make it easy for advisors to add links and buttons to their websites.

We are loving the bright CTAs on Wisdom Wealth Management’s homepage. The vibrant “Get To Know Us” below the text plus the sticky CTA in the bottom right-hand corner, with the phrase “Schedule Time To Meet” make it incredibly easy to take the next step. They are concise, straightforward and stand out, which is just what you want in a homepage call-to-action.

Wisdom Wealth Management

3. integrate with your CRM

Of course, you want prospects to have a seamless experience when visiting your website but don’t you also want to easily capture their contact information too? Ensuring your website integrates with your customer relationship management tool is crucial to nurturing leads who have visited your website. At Twenty Over Ten, we work with many different CRM tools for advisors. And one of these includes Redtail’s CRM, which creates a rich, seamless experience for prospects. Once users are logged into the Twenty Over Ten platform they will be able to simply connect to their Redtail account via the integrations panel enabling prospects to be automatically added to their Redtail CRM.

Step 1: Go into “Site Settings”Integrate with CRM

Step 2: Click on the “Integrations” tab.

Integrate with CRM

Step 3: Hover over the Redtail section and click on the “Setup” button.

Integrate with a CRM

Step 4:  Connect your Redtail account

Connect your Redtail account

Sign #4: Your Competitors Have Redesigned

As an advisory firm, you want to be unique and stand out from your competitors, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore what they have done with their websites. If your main competitor has updated its platform and added new tools, then you should look into possibly updating, as well.

Even if you know that you offer far superior services, how will leads know that if you don’t make that known on your site? Without much background, leads may go to the “flashier” site or one that is more in their price range, so you want to always be checking to see what your competitors are doing so that you can update your website appropriately!

Sign #5: Visitors Can’t Find The Information They Want

Obviously, visitors want to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. If you’re receiving a lot of questions during your sales process that is answered on your website, it is a sign your navigation is not showing people relevant information when they need it.

Remember that good navigation isn’t just about having an easy-to-use menu bar that is consistent on all pages. Studying how people use your website will help you create “paths” that can reveal important sales information on your product or service at just the right time.

Twenty Over Ten client, Evergreen Financial Group makes it easy to find the information that they need to take visitors to the next step. With CTAs that stand out, you can easily navigate to different pages on their website depending on what you are looking for. With the button at the bottom, “It All Beings With A Conversation,” visitors can click on this and easily be taken to their Calendly page for a 30-minute conversation with Founder and President, Tim Bauer, CFP®.

Evergreen Financial Group

Sign #6: Your Services Have Changed

This one seems like a “no-brainer” but if your services have changed, then you MUST update your website accordingly! Let’s take a look at two common scenarios:

1. what you offer has changed

Let’s say that you once offered a DIY package to clients but then you decided that it wasn’t the best option for your target clientele, so you removed it but did not reflect that very important adjustment on your website. Now, when a new prospect reaches out and inquires about that particular service and you have to tell them it’s no longer offered even though it was clearly still listed on your website, you’re making the worst first impression. You will not appear organized, and that act alone could drive a lead over to a competitor.

2.Your FEE STRUCTURE changes

The same goes for the above that it does for a change in your pricing. If your prices have shifted, especially if they increase, and a lead inquires about the pricing of a service you offer, it will look incredibly disorganized to tell someone that the price advertised on your website is no longer accurate. And obviously in a highly regulated industry like financial services we know that it’s incredibly important that your form ADV always be up-to-date and available to all via your website. Learn more about how to properly include fees on your advisor website.

Twenty Over Ten client, WealthKeel, LLC has a straightforward fee page that details two routes with easy-to-understand costs so that there is no confusion about what you will be paying when you work with them.

WealthKeel Services and Fees

Key Takeaways

Even though your website platform may have worked very well for you for a long time, change is a good thing, and it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing times. At the end of the day, you want to be seen and come across as a trusted advisor, right? A well-optimized, beautifully designed site that is functional will do just that and much much more!

Keep an eye out for what is going on around you, what are the biggest trends, what technology tools are people using, how is your site responding, what are your competitors doing, etc? Be sure that you are constantly monitoring your site to ensure it’s running well and make adjustments your site accordingly. These tiny tweaks can go a long way when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

Looking to Refresh Your Website and Convert More Leads?

Work with our amazing design team to create the website of your dreams and start boosting your lead generation today.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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