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By Lauren Beichner Webinars

Webinar Replay: From Zero to 100: Lessons for Starting a Financial Planning Business (With Kyle Moore, CFP®)

5 minute read
Webinar Replay: From Zero to 100: Lessons for Starting a Financial Planning Business (With Kyle Moore, CFP®) Featured Image

Many advisors dream of opening their own independent financial advisory firm, but are unsure about taking the leap. Building credibility and trust when you are an independent advisor not connected to any larger entity or “brand name” can be a major challenge. The good news is if this is you, you’re not alone!

Watch our most recent webinar with Kyle Moore, CFP® to learn his story of how he made the leap to start his own advisory firm, Quarry Hill Advisors, in 2017, and how he grew it in just 2.5 years to now serve over 50 families. With the help of a two-pronged marketing approach of local SEO and referrals, he was able to achieve such explosive growth all on his own in just two years. 

Watch our webinar replay below to learn what it takes to build your advisory firm from the ground up!


0:00 – Introduction

1:04 – Poll questions

1:25 – Housekeeping

3:18 – Poll responses

4:27 – Introduction to Samantha Russell (host) and Twenty Over Ten

5:16 – Introduction to Kyle Moore, CFP® of Quarry Hill Advisors (guest)

5:40 – Overview of what will be covered in the webinar

6:34 – Kyle’s story and his journey as a financial advisor

9:43 – Kyle’s 2 pronged digital marketing strategy: SEO optimization and referrals

10:38 – Kyle’s top priority marketing tactics in order to his launch his business

11:57 – SEO (search engine optimization)

12:15 – Where Kyle started ranking organically vs. now after implementing Twenty Over Ten’s SEO package 

14:22 – Overview of click-through rates

15:07 – What kind of content you need to have on your website and on your blog to rank higher in Google

17:49 – What Kyle got right with blogging and what we’d improve

19:10 – The importance of using header tags to drive traffic and boost your SEO

19:59 – Having a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your blog 

20:42 – How internal linking helps blogs rank higher 

21:41 – Top factors to top-performing content

22:13 – How you can use Google Analytics to help you figure out where people are landing

23:13 – Overview of long-tail keywords

25:14 – How most of Kyle’s new clients are from local search

27:29 – Tips for boosting the number of impressions you can get

27:59 – The importance of utilizing title tags on every single page of your website

28:37 – How you can utilize the Twenty Over Ten platform to change your browser page titles

32:33 – Overview of meta descriptions

35:43 – Overview of compounding ROI

39:57 – About Kyle’s ‘As Featured In’ and his press hits

44:00 – Kyle’s overall SEO strategy recap

44:13 – The importance of setting up Google Search Console and Google My Business for determining best keywords and terms to use

44:55 – Overview of Twenty Over Ten’s SEO package 

45:50 – Getting media mentions to probe credibility as an independent advisor

48:30 – Using an annual report to subtly get referrals

50:41 – Introduction to Canva and it’s free templates

52:03 – Kyle’s referral strategy recap

52:37 – How referrals happen today

54:17 – Tips to get referrals for your website

57:44 – Kyle’s recommended tech tools including Loom, SEM Rush, and Zoom

1:00.11 – Kyle’s final tips

1:01.11 – Announcement of upcoming Twenty Over Ten webinar: How to Create a Successful Marketing Internship Program for Your Firm

1:02.17 – Closing remarks and questions

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