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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: How To Convert Website Visitors Into Clients: A Deep Dive Into Automating Processes and Tech With Taylor Schulte CFP®

24 minute read
Webinar Replay: How To Convert Website Visitors Into Clients: A Deep Dive Into Automating Processes and Tech With Taylor Schulte CFP® Featured Image

We all want to convert more website visitors to clients, right? Maybe your site is seeing a lot of visitors, but they’re not converting to clients but there are tools and processes that can help with that! 

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell and Taylor Schulte, CFP® co-founder of The Advisor Growth Community™ take a step-by-step look at the exact sales process he uses to deliver a massively valuable experience to leads and clients using automation and technology

Taylor Schulte’s Website

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How To Convert Website Visitors Into Clients: A Deep Dive Into Automating Processes and Tech

Setting up processes, in the beginning, will be a great place to start. It takes time to test out the right tech, and don’t be afraid if something isn’t’ working to try out a different solution. 

About 75% of Define Financial’s business comes from online organic searching. The important piece of this is that when somebody lands on their website, we have a clear path and process for them to go through. You can have all the traffic in the world coming to your site, but if you don’t tell people what to do and where to go, then you won’t get the conversion. 

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What are You Spending Now on Marketing? [9:44]

They have regularly have spent between 10-20% of gross revenue on marketing in the last five years.

If You Don’t Have a Budget and Are Just Starting Out, What Can You Do? [11:10]

You may not have the contacts, but you do have the time. Invest the time to learn how to do it. That’s the asset that you have upfront.

We fool ourselves into thinking that you have to have a lot of money. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. Taylor built his website for $200. If you don’t want t spend a lot of money, we have a DIY option. 

Learn more about Twenty Over ten’s DIY website Option

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If you have the time, the biggest thing you should do is to spend time writing content. Writing articles, creating videos, creating things that you can repurpose. If you take the time to create content, it will have the biggest impact on your firm. 

Financial Advisor Digital Marketing Budget

How To Allocate and Manage Expenses

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When Taylor reflects back on his journey, his biggest mistake is that he likes to jump to doing the fun stuff first.

  • What should the name be?
  • What should the cover art look like?
  • What mic should I use?

But, the one thing nobody wants to talk about is what am I going to say when I hit record? That’s the hard part, hitting record and hitting publish. When thinking about your marketing activities, think about doing the hard part first. When you go through your process, what does the end result look like? Before you jump right into starting a blog, starting a podcast, going out speaking…do the hard stuff first. That way when you make it, you will have the results that you want to see. 

When Taylor first started, he was focused more on quantity and not quality. He has spent a lot of time in the last 18 months cleaning up and doing all of the hard work. 

We try to tell our clients to be problem and solution-oriented. What is the problem and what is the solution to that problem? You can outline this on your home page, about page and contact page. If you outline this, you will see a lot of unqualified meetings really drastically decrease. 

Top Visited Pages on Advisor Websites

And How to Optimize Them

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Utterly Financial Website [18:31]

If an SLP lands on this website, this speaks to them. An SLP is a speech-language pathologist, that is all that Craig works with and that is very clear when you land on the website. It will make your marketing so much easier if you focus on something really specific. If you try to cast a wide net, it is much more difficult.

Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Define Financial Website [20:01]

Whenever Taylor is creating a website he asks himself these two questions:

  1. If somebody lands on my website, what the one thing that I want them to do? 
  2. If they do that one thing, and the stars align, what is the perfect end result? What do I want to happen?

That kind of guides the rest of the process. For me, the one thing I want somebody to do is to click on my “Start Here” button. This is more inviting than “Learn More” or “About Us” or “Contact Us.”

The Magic of Having a “Start Here” Button

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The start here button is different from any other color on the website. Also, the start here will follow them as they scroll through because that’s the one thing he wants them to do. 

Just adding a calendar button right on your website that follows you go is a huge way to drive conversions to your website. If you can add that, it can really change the number of people that actually take that action. Twenty Over Ten has one-click integration with Calendly, but there are many other scheduling softwares out there.

Effectiveness of Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors

Trends Survey

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If you want to screen more for quality, he recommends having a landing page between the CTA button and then schedules a phone call. This helps them to figure out if they are in the right place. 

  1. Why do you have this process? 
  2. What is this process?
  3. Who is it a good fit for? 

If you put this directly on your home page, you will probably have more quantity, which is great if you’re starting out, but if you want more quality, he recommends having a landing page. 

4 Easy Ways Financial Advisors Can Get
More Conversions From Their Landing Pages

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Make sure that your landing page doesn’t have too many contact forms and when you hit submit, somebody on our team will get back to you in 24 hours. You need to be accessible, as we live in an on-demand society. If you do have a form where somebody isn’t booking directly, but try to make the form fields to be two or less. Your conversion rate goes up for every form field that you remove, and definitely don’t ask for phone numbers.

How To Use Form Fields For Lead Capture

5 Critical Components

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On your home page, the hero image, the hero text…this is the most important part of your website. People will read that and in five seconds or less, people will decide if they should stick around or leave.  

Does Your Website Pass The 5 Second Test?

Tips, Tricks and Examples to Give Your Website the Boost It Needs

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Look at your own website, and show it to ten people and ask if they can tell what you do in five seconds or less. 

Have a Clear Process [29:06]

People love to know what the first step is, the second step, etc. Our process is six steps, it takes potential clients about 6 weeks to go through the entire process. It can be simple and he recommends starting simple and it can build out from there. Have a process and make it really clear for people. 

If you already have them ⅔ of the way committed, then you can ask them some quick questions and then ask the leads if they have anything else that they want to share with you. 

All of the scheduling apps these days, have it where you can really customize them. You can get that button, get them to choose a time, get them to add more info, ask screener questions, this is a great way to accomplish that. 

Make Sure the Questions That You Are Asking Actually Serve a Purpose [31:52]

We’re always trying to improve as we go. His firm uses Acuity Scheduling, which is Taylor’s favorite scheduling tool. Calendly is the simplest application, but you don’t have as much flexibility as you do with Acuity. 

What’s The Best Meeting Scheduling Software For My Advisor Businesses?

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Workflow Setup and Edit [33:01]

In addition to the workflow, we also use TextExpander for a lot of the emails that we send. The process is really important, do the hard work behind the scenes first before building the landing page. Even if we don’t get hired, we have leads say the experience was great, and it’s because we did the hard work first. 

As soon as someone schedules a phone call, our office manager calls them, to reach out and thank them and see if there are any other questions that you have that you want them to pass along to Taylor before the phone call. The purpose of this is because up until this point, technology has driven the whole process, so you need to add in a human element. It’s an experience that a person would expect from someone doing a good job at a wealth management firm.

The second thing that happens is that they receive an email from Acuity. One of the biggest mistakes that Taylor sees people make is that they don’t take advantage of the blank space to write anything that they want. 

Remind them:

  1. What your process is. 
  2. Why you’re having that phone call. 

They will probably know that it is automated, but it doesn’t look overly branded or automated. Being the first to call, the first to get in touch with them just adds that human touch. It is really important in this industry, technology does drive a lot of this but the human touch really does go a long way. 

6 Surefire Ways To Generate More Traffic To Your New Website

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They can a confirmation email, the other thing that they do, it’s all about communication, staying in front of them and setting proper expectations. 24 hours prior to their meeting, they will get another email from us reminding them they work with a select group of clients and remind them of their meeting tomorrow. 

We have put together ten questions that you should ask and then four is what is your approach to financial planning? Then we tell them. We try to answer as many questions as possible so when we get to our 15 minutes phone call, we can focus on the important stuff. 

We move on to step 2, we’ve got a 7-day email, a 24 hours email, some we need to manually trigger, for instance when we get done with this phone call, we have to manually send the email, not thru ACuity, because they might not be a good fit. 

learn more about TextExpander

Read More

If they are a good fit, then we send the email. We can personalize it in a way that Acuity doesn’t do. 

TextExpander is just a way to have templates that you can easily use and texts that you send often. There are different softwares that our team has worked with, and no matter what tool you use, you will need to have a script. 

Download Taylor’s Acuity and TextExpander Email Templates

Download Now

How Are People Finding Out About You? [45:48]

Hyperlocal SEO, now if you work all over the country, this is a different strategy. We have done basic stuff, as there is no magic behind SEO. The secret being SEO is to do the basics, Google wants to know who you are, what you are, why you do it, so just do the basics and give it to Google the best way and you will show up. Just use different reiterations of keywords, so that you can rank. They are actively looking for a financial advisor, so they will type in those types of keywords. 

SEO For RIAs eBook


SEO Resources For Financial Advisors

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95% of people are just looking for free information, so focus on that local SEO as a starting point. Take the time to talk about and use the keywords that your niche is looking for. Use the words that they would be asking them in, don’t reword it, ask it in the way that they would ask it. 

How to Win In Local Search

Webinar Replay

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Can you Give a Ballpark on How Many Visitors on Average you Have to Your Site? [51:36]

He doesn’t know the traffic to his website, as he cares most about is his people scheduling calls on a regular basis. If he had to guess, he would guess 500-1,000 a day, but he is interested in people finding them and taking the path that they need to take. 

How Many of Them Schedule Calls? [51:55]

They get about 1 phone call per week just coming through the website. 

How Many Become Clients? [52:12]

The target is that 80% of the calls should become clients. 

For Twenty Over Ten and Lead Pilot users, if you go into the content in the back end, you will see that we are currently adding 3 new articles a week because things are changing so rapidly. You can take any of the pieces, you can edit them and make them specific to your niche market. Once you are ready to share it, you can do that and we will send compliance if you need to. 

If getting the traffic is an issue for you, both Lead Pilot and Twenty Over Ten are tools that can help. We are offering a trial period from 7 days to 30 days, so you can get in there and share, we are offering a 50% discount after that. When it comes to marketing, we are trying to provide as much content as we can for all of you to use. 

Try lead pilot for 50% off

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Have You Ever Used a Digital Marketing Firm to Help Build Out Targeted Ads? [56:46]

Taylor has and spent $5-10K, he thought he would just see results, but he didn’t do the hard work ahead of time, so you can do it yourself or you can hire somebody. You can’t avoid doing the hard work, you need to think through the entire process. If you just want someone to read your blog post, that’s fine. But just think through, just draw it, step by step. 

Have You Ever Done a Paid First Appointment? [58:03]

They used to do paid first appointments, project-based work, and it’s a great way to generate revenue, they would get all the questions answered and then we would never see them again. He wants to work with somebody for 30 years, not 30 days. It seemed too transactional. 

When Kyle Moore was first starting out, he did hourly work, it helped him to generate revenue, and he offered these to put people at ease and show them he is qualified 

Webinar Replay: From Zero to 100

Lessons For Starting a Financial Planning Business With Kyle Moore CFP®

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What are Effective Strategies for SEO? [59:53]

When you first set your website up, know what is important, what Google thinks is important, but what they prioritize does change. Set it up so that is it optimized and the pages and the page title, keywords, local area you want to rank for, make sure you have a Google my Business set up and optimized. 

Top 25 Google Ranking Factors

For Financial Advisors

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Make sure you put your address, hours of operation and NAP (name, address, phone number). It is always going to be on the footer of your website. Make sure that you keep your NAP data the same as the name of your company, so include the “LLC” in there if it’s in your name. 

5 Reasons your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google

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If you’re trying to rank for an article, just make it higher quality than the ones that are ahead of you. 

Make sure you include a strong meta description and tell Google where you are located, where you are and what you do. Also, update the title tags and browser page titles. 

How To Create Top-Ranking Page Titles For your Website

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Connect with Samantha on LinkedIn and contact Taylor directly at any time with questions at https://www.taylorschulte.com/contact/


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