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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Top Visited Pages on Advisor Websites & How to Optimize Them

13 minute read
Top Visited Pages on Advisor Websites & How to Optimize Them Featured Image

Here at Twenty Over Ten, we work with a lot of advisors. And we’re grateful to get the opportunity to work with them on all things related to their digital marketing efforts. From website design to social media, SEO, website analytics and more we’re able to cover all the most important bases. And after all this time of looking at different analytics from advisors websites, we noticed a trend in the top visited pages. Here is what we found to be the top visited pages:

  1. Homepage
  2. Who We Are/Team/Bio/About
  3. Blog Pages
  4. Contact

How to Optimize the Most Important Pages on Your Website

If the above pages are the pages that are visited the most often, then they need to be optimized fully in order to continue to receive the most traffic and continue to draw in your target audience thus increasing your website’s SEO rankings. Below we’re going to cover exactly how you can optimize each of these top pages on your website.

1. how to optimize your homepage:

use a big headline and place all of your important information first

How do people read your website? You can assume that most of your readers start at the top and move down. For this reason, you need to ensure that your most important information is placed at the top! Why would you hide your strongest content sandwiched in the middle or all the way at the bottom? You wouldn’t!

Additionally, you only have so long to rope in your readers! How long does someone stay on your website? Well, according to HubSpot, 55% of your readers spend less than 15 seconds on your site! That is not a lot of time to draw them in, so make sure your important information is easily visible.


You need to make sure that your website flows easily, and that readers have an easy time navigating through your website. Much like the above information, people are very busy, and they do not have a lot of time to be fumbling through your website. If everything flows well, then not only is this good for your visitors to navigate quickly though, but it helps for search engines to crawl your site easier, which in turn, will boost your SEO rankings! Win-win!

Call to action

By now, you know how important we think it is for your website to have a strong call to action! If you aren’t asking your readers to take the next step, then you are missing out a huge factor on your site. So, for the homepage, it is important that your call to action be not only above the fold but obvious.

They are meant to capture attention, so they should be placed in an obvious part of your site or piece of content. Leads should be immediately drawn to your CTA button, landing page, or form. Make it stand out by using a color that is tasteful, and a part of your brand’s color scheme so that shows up against the background.

Dorsey Wealth Mgmt CTA on homepage

In the example above, Twenty Over Ten’s client, Dorsey Wealth Management, includes its CTA on its homepage, standing out by using a darker but tasteful color against the background, and you don’t even have to scroll down to find it.

2. optimizing your about/bio page:

Call to action

It is a good idea to include a call to action on many different pages on your website. Leads need to be immediately drawn to your CTA button, landing page, or form and depending on where a visitor is in the sales funnel, they may be more likely to click on it after reading a certain page. If someone is reading about the firm, then they will probably like what they see and be prompted to take action now that they know a bit more about your business!

optimizing your advisor bio and team page on your website

In the above example, Twenty Over Ten client, Zega Financial, has a strong call to action in the top right-hand corner in their “About” page to make an appointment. The button stands out as it has a white background against the darker hero image. Your eyes are immediately drawn to it. In addition, they use an engaging video on their about page from their CEO and co-founder Jay Pestrichelli and it’s placed front and center.

Be human

In the financial services industry especially, we see it all too often – a stuffy bio where advisors rattle off their accomplishments but don’t actually show off their “human” side. It does show how well that you have done as an advisor, but this can come off as intimidating and cold, and you don’t want to scare prospective clients away!

Give people the opportunity to get to know the “real” you…the person that they will be working with. After all, you want this to be a long-lasting relationship, so it’s a good idea to let your personality shine here and really think outside the box in how you can illustrate that!

Twenty Over Ten client, JGP Wealth Management, has an excellent “About Us” page! There’s nothing more human than sharing more about what your personal interests and hobbies are outside of work with your clients and prospects. JGP decided to use our bio hover effect to really help their team members true personality shine through, we just love it!

3. optimizing your blog pages:


Organization is key when it comes to your website and content, so make it easy for visitors to find the information that they are looking for!  It’s a good idea to consider categorizing your posts and using a search feature. The more blogs that you write, the harder it is to keep track of them all and find them. Additionally, if you break your blogs into topics or categories, then it makes it much easier for visitors to find what they are looking for!

optimizing financial advisor blog page

Twenty Over Ten client, Lifeguard Wealth has done a great job of organizing their blog page with different categories such as “invest,” “retire,” “economy,” “marriage,” tax” and others. They also include a handy search functionality on their website making it easy for their visitors to type in keywords to find the articles they’re seeking.

Calls to action

Just like the other important pages on your website, when it comes to your blog posts, each individual blog post should always include at least one call to action. When someone reads your blog content, they may feel more compelled to take action. So, just remember that a good CTA is a viable marketing tool for any firm, and it should be utilized appropriately!

It’s also important to remember that searchers can land on your individual blog posts with never even hearing about your firm or being to your front-facing website before. So this is your time to sell yourself, sell your thought leadership and direct your visitors to take that next action or step.

Twenty Over Ten client, Hamilton Financial Planning, has a call to action on their blog, “What Are the Different Types of Investment Accounts and Which One Should I Choose?” They give you the option to schedule a complimentary get acquainted meeting. If the reader decided that they actually had questions regarding the different types of investment accounts, then this provides them with a good opportunity to reach out! It’s strategic and easy to spot.

4. optimizing your contact page:

Put the most pertinent information above the fold

The point of a contact page is to make your information easily accessible to potential clients looking to reach you and find out more information! For this reason, just like the “About” page, you should put the most important information above the fold. This includes your firm’s:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Form
  • Map
  • Mailing Address

C.L. Sheldon & Company contact page

Twenty Over Ten client, C.L. Sheldon & Company, has included maps for both of their locations, as well as, all the pertinent information that it takes to get in touch with them.

Call to action copy

Using Call to action copy like “Chat Now,” “Email Now” or “Schedule Now” is more obvious and actionable to visitors on the “Contact Page,” and they will be more likely to take that next step to get them started down the sales funnel process!

Lowrie Financial

Twenty Over Ten client, Lowrie Financial, has two CTAs that stand out right under their contact information and next to the maps. They give you the option to, “Schedule A Meeting,” and “Subscribe to Their Blog.” Not only can you quickly schedule a meeting, but subscribing to the blog allows advisors to be able to get their necessary information and prospects can find out more and keep in touch with the blog subscription.


Optimization of the pages on your website is key! Every few months, take the time to go through and make sure everything is up to date. When you make it a habit, then it will really pay off in the end, as you will start to see your traffic increase and your rankings skyrocket!

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