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By Blair Kelly Showcase

The Best Advisor Websites: Fall 2018 Edition

12 minute read
The Best Advisor Websites: Fall 2018 Edition Featured Image

Even though the weather has really cooled down, the amount of work that our team created did not. At Twenty Over Ten, we really love the end of each season, because this is a time when we get the opportunity to reveal some of the work that’s been going on behind the scenes and the fresh new designs that we got to help create.

Every client that we work with comes with a different goal in mind, which in turn creates new (but good!) challenges for us every time. Our advisor websites show that no two advisor firms are alike, which is why we have so much fun collaborating to create something new for each of them. We love hearing feedback from our clients once they have launched their new, compliant, lead generating websites.

While it was hard to narrow it down, as we enjoyed working on every website, these top four really stood out for us. As we approach winter, we can’t wait to see what awesome new clients we get to work with, so we can continue to inspire others!

1. YellowWood Wealth Solutions

YellowWood Wealth Solutions, located in Charlotte, NC, bases their philosophy on the fact that each choice that is made is an opportunity to advance. Their team started their journey in this industry at large institutions with broker-dealers, but since then, they have moved to a less rigid structure. Because of this, they have really been able to go further for their clients. They pride themselves on the tools that they use and the ability to communicate freely with their clients in order to achieve the best for them.

One thing that we really loved about this website is the clean, simple feel of it all. The pages are uncluttered, and just by looking at the page, you get the feeling that you are in good hands and they will take a “holistic” approach to plan your future. Their use of Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons throughout, say things such as, “Learn More,” “Get to Know Us Better” and “Start Planning Today,” which leads to their online meeting scheduler. They are all strategically placed enticing you to find out more, as the CTA’s are not salesly at all, but just enough to grab a prospects attention and capture leads.

yellowwood wealth solutions best financial advisor website designed by twenty over ten
YellowWood Wealth Solutions

2. Cordis Financial

Cordis Financial is located in Minneapolis, MN, and is a Fee-only, Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Their intentions are to help clients align their financial decisions with their most important values. They share their story of how they came about as a firm, which is a piece of their new site that we personally really enjoyed because it really helps humanize their brand.

Many firms participate in community service and will include a drawn-out list of what they do each year. On the “Community” section on Cordis’ site, they show how they give back to their local community, in a very tasteful way. They encourage their clients to join their commitment to the community by asking for other organizations to consider as part of their giving. This simple line shows that Cordis is interested in a partnership with their clients that goes beyond work, and we think that is a great way to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship.

This site is organized and clean and on the “contact” page, we like the simplicity of their form fields. They include the necessary perninant information such as phone, fax, address, and a google map. They take it a step further by letting their visitors know that there is construction in the area which is changing the best way to reach their building. This short paragraph shows that if they will go the extra mile for something as simple as directions, then just think about how they will treat you as a client.

cordis financial best financial advisor websites built by twenty over ten
Cordis Financial

3. Veritas Wealth Management, LLC

Located in Salt Lake City, UT, Veritas Wealth Management, LLC, is a comprehensive wealth management firm. The homepage shows Troy Knighton, the founder of the company with his family and a short backstory. We love the real images that are used as these are much more impactful than basic stock photos.

The “Resources” section of the page includes a wealth of information but still manages to appear organized. There is a “Frequently Asked Questions” section which is a great and helpful addition to visitors, as well as, select videos and articles that will potentially be of service to those interested. When a website offers so many opportunities to engage and prove that they are thought leaders in the industry, this really helps with lead generation.

With so much on one page, it never once appears cluttered, but rather seems like a page that contains a wealth of information to assist potential clients. We also like the CTA “Schedule A Meeting” powered by Calendly in the bottom right-hand corner under the services section. These quick buttons make getting started incredibly easy.

veritas wealth management llc best financial advisor websites built by twenty over ten
Veritas Wealth Management, LLC

4. Guttman Financial Planning, Inc.

Guttman Financial Planning, Inc. is based out of Santa Monica, CA, and came to us looking for a tailored website redesign and fresh logo. With a single-page scrolling layout, visitors can quickly navigate to the sections easily in order to find what they need. This type of website design is becoming more and more popular, as it removes the need for users to click through multiple tabs to find the answer to their questions.

Their “Process” section is very succinct and broken down into steps so prospects know exactly what to expect when working with Guttman Financial Planning. Their site visitors can even click the different process steps to expand the section to get further explanation about specific responsibilities for the advisor and the client. Being up-front with information such as this on your website is always a best practice. This shows how the firm intends to help the client out every step of the way to ensure that they get the help they need to form the perfect financial plan for their future.

guttman financial planning best advisor website built by twenty over ten
Guttman Financial Planning, Inc.

5. Droms Strauss Wealth Management

Located in Saint Louis, MO, Droms Strauss Wealth Management brings investment management to owners, individuals, and families around the world. In the “Services”  section, we like the infographic that breaks it down simply for personal wealth management, financial planning, and investment management. By clicking on each planning tool, you are able to find out more information. This allows for more details to be given but all in one concise location rather than cluttering the page.

The “Blog” section highlights the most recent three ones, with strong visuals to draw you in, and then if you want to see more blogs, you have the option to view all of them without too much excess on the pages.

droms strauss wealth management best advisor website built by twenty over ten
Droms Strauss Wealth Management

6. Avaii Wealth Management

Avaii Wealth Management is located in Appleton, WI, and starts right off the bat with a picture of the team. We have talked about the importance of using real photos as opposed to stock images so that you can humanize the company.  As we have mentioned in other posts, we love the single-page scrolling site as it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for rather than clicking through multiple tabs.

We like their use of the Call-to-Action buttons, such as the “What’s Your Risk Tolerance?” to get started and the “Talk To Us To Get Started” button.  The question in the first one entices the visitor to assess what their risk tolerance is, which in turn, draws them further in and wanting to find out what more can be offered.

Avaii wealth management best advisor website built by twenty over ten
Avaii Wealth Management

7. Wells Financial Advisors

Located in Framingham, MA, Wells Financial Advisors kicks it off right away with a Call-to-Action to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Knowing that it is free of charge just to get the conversation started immediately draws you in, because why not learn more when it’s complimentary?

The single-page scrolling site goes through each section and even though there is so much information, it is all organized so well that you do not feel overwhelmed but rather learn a lot about what the firm can do to help your finances.

wells financial advisors website built by twenty over ten
Wells Financial Advisors

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