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By Amanda Larson Outreach

Choosing a Website Framework for Your Financial Planning Firm

5 minute read
Choosing a Website Framework for Your Financial Planning Firm Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, our award-winning designers have taken into account the specific needs of financial advisors and broker-dealers to develop only the best website frameworks for your digital presence. We have added a new framework, so now users will have six highly customizable framework options to choose from. So, the end result of this is a beautiful and unique site that captures your brand, vision and style.

Choosing the perfect framework for your new website that will best fit your firm’s needs can be confusing. Read on to get some helpful tips on how to choose a website framework that’s right for you.

Before we begin …

All of our frameworks are created with a mobile-first approach. Meaning, no matter which framework you choose they are optimized to fit all devices and screen sizes – score! And if blogging is your thing, we’ve got you covered there too. All of our frameworks have built-in blogging platforms so you can create, edit and share updates with site visitors as often as you’d like.


If you prefer space for lots of big images our Fresnel framework may be the best option for you. Featuring a large image at the top of the page with the content below the fold this framework is great to feature full-width imagery on each page of your site. With an accessible navigation menu, this framework even comes equipped with subpages for additional content.


Pupil was born out of a lot of requests we received wanting subpage menus. Pupil is one of our only frameworks that have drop-down subpage menus that are actually mobile-friendly! Similarly to Fresnel, Pupil features a large hero image at the top of each page just slightly less prominent than the Fresnel framework.

rod & cone

Our Rod & Cone framework is another very flexible one that allows you to feature larger background photos behind your page content. Or if photos aren’t your thing you can try a solid color or simple pattern instead. Users with Rod & Cone also have the ability to add sidebars. Content in sidebars is great to highlight landing pages, collect information and more.


Iris is a great choice for DIYers and those just getting started. This single page scrolling site is known for it’s minimalist navigation and more interactive feel. As visitors scroll, page banners fade away as the header space shrinks featuring an easily accessible navigation bar. Vertically stacked divider images help with content separation using parallax scrolling.


One of our newer frameworks, Acuity is a bold yet minimal framework of ours that drives visitor action with bold content overlays and imagery. A customizable navigation area makes it easy for prospects to learn more about you and what you can do for them and current clients to access important accounts and documents. Acuity’s clean layout and simple style make this a modern yet captivating framework.


Prism is our newest framework that we couldn’t wait to introduce. There are so many awesome new features, and you can now automatically create looping and muted video backgrounds for any page’s hero section. Additionally, users can you can add a secondary navigation visible outside of the pull-out-menu.

Prism framework



Ready for a Fresh New Look?

As soon as you pick a framework, you can start building your site right away. Whether you want to do it yourself or let us do the work – we have options to fit all of your digital marketing needs.

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