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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

5 Easy Steps to Creating a Website on Your Own Using Twenty Over Ten

10 minute read
5 Easy Steps to Creating a Website on Your Own Using Twenty Over Ten Featured Image

When we started Twenty Over Ten, our goal was to create a platform where your vision and brand could come to life through your website. That’s why our self builder option is so important to us (and why we don’t make you pay any start-up fees)! We love seeing clients take control of their brand and digital presence by creating beautiful, completely customized website designs.

However, most financial advisors have little or no experience with website design, which can make building your own site a very intimidating idea. Even if you have a basic idea of how the web works, it can often be expensive and time consuming to undertake a website build on your own.

That’s why we developed the Twenty Over Ten platform not only with the end user in mind but also the builder – you! Our intuitive CMS (Content Management System) gives you the tools to autonomously manage your website like a pro. It’s easy to use, user-friendly and packed with powerful features for beginners and experts alike!

To get you started on the right foot when designing your own website using the Twenty Over Ten platform we’re sharing a down and dirty step-by-step guide.

twenty over ten websites for financial advisors
Our in-line editor gives you full control over every aspect of your site design.

Step 1: Choose a Framework

The first step in the process is to pick a framework. Think of the framework of your website like a skeleton. It provides the basic outlay and from there you can add to and personalize the site to match your brand.

To make this step easy, you can choose from hand-crafted frameworks designed in-house by our award-winning designers. Each framework is completely responsive and gives your site a unique and polished look. We’ve also included our suggestions for which framework to pick based on which website features you’d like to emphasize.

For example, our popular Fresnel framework utilizes a large background image on the homepage so you can boldly portray your brand’s individual theme or message.Twenty Over Ten website frameworks

There is also the option to view a live demo of each framework so you can play around with how a client would experience your site before you choose which framework to use. And the good news is, even after you pick one, you can change your mind at any time during the design process without losing your content and color scheme!

Step 2: Upload Your Logo

After choosing a framework, you’ll be taken to our in-line editor. This provides a basic site outline that you can go through and easily edit yourself. Our advanced technology allows you to see how your site will look as you make changes.

As the most recognizable part of your firm, your logo is a huge factor in choosing color schemes and adding images, so it is important to upload this first. To do this, simply click on “Site Settings” then “Logo & Title.” From there, you can add any text or image that you want to appear on your site. Depending on your chosen framework, it will appear on the screen preview.

Adding a logo to your Twenty Over Ten website

Step 3: Choose Your Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for your website can be one of the biggest challenges a DIYer can face. The colors you choose to incorporate on your website ultimately set the tone for how a visitor will feel when landing on your site so choosing the right tones is important.

Often times, you’ll already have a good idea of what you want your firm’s colors to be based on your logo. Even if you don’t, on our platform you have a full range of colors to choose from for every aspect of your site. Just go to the “Colors” section in “Site Settings” and watch your vision come to life!

Choosing a color scheme for your Twenty Over Ten website

You can play around with different combinations for backgrounds, headlines, accents, text and links for all of your pages. If you need some direction for what makes a good color scheme, there are plenty of great design resources out there, such as this guide from Canva.

Step 4: Add Your Content

Now comes the important part- adding your website content. Whether you already have your content written or need us to help you out, our platform makes it easy to tell your online visitors exactly what your firm stands for. You can insert any text by clicking directly on the screen preview and editing it. The uploads library is where you’ll put any images, video or audio you want to include.

Twenty Over Ten websites for financial advisors
Simply click within the editable area (or highlight elements that you want to style) to see all available options and styles.

Additionally, you can edit your page names, URL slugs, browser titles, and meta descriptions for each individual page simply by clicking on the page settings or gear icon in the toolbar on the left. You can even customize your social settings if you plan to link your social media accounts to your site, which we highly recommend!

If there are ever any more advanced design elements you are unable to do on your own, contact our in-house design team and we’d be happy to help you fine tune and customize your site at a rate of $100 per hour.

Editing pages for your Twenty Over Ten website

Step 5: Connect Your DNS

Once you have your logo, color scheme, content and images all in place and you’re happy with how your new site looks, it’s time to connect your Domain Name System (DNS). Connecting your DNS makes your beautiful masterpiece live on the web. Based on your domain provider, there may be a few settings to change. After configuring any additional settings, you can simply enter the full domain name (excluding https:// and www.) in “Site Settings” under “Connected Domains” and save!

connecting your DNS to a Twenty Over Ten site

After you see the domain name, you’ll want to click on it’s individual settings cog to view a list of the records you will need to input with your domain’s registrar account.

The next step is to login to your domain provider account, update your nameservers and wait for your new website to display! If you need more in-depth help during this process, check out our support article for connecting your DNS.

While we’ve just covered the basics of setting up your site, by spending a little time with our platform you’ll quickly learn how in-depth and customized your design can be. With options including email submission forms, adding integrations and endless design features, you’ll truly be able to create something you’re proud of. If you have any additional questions during your design process, check out our support center where you can read articles or submit a ticket for individual assistance.


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