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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

Best Advisor Landing Page Examples for Lead Generation in 2018

12 minute read
Best Advisor Landing Page Examples for Lead Generation in 2018 Featured Image

When it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns, landing pages can be a great way to attract attention to your campaign and draw in a specific audience. Perhaps most importantly, they’re also fantastic for lead generation, something we’re sure almost every advisor is looking to improve upon.

Given all of the benefits and because Twenty Over Ten offers free unlimited landing pages to every user it is well worth investing your time — not money — in creating a quality landing page (or several!) In case you’re unfamiliar with them, landing pages are single webpages with one objective or CTA (call-to-action) for visitors. Because they are so straightforward, landing pages are a useful tool when you establish a direct marketing or advertising campaign and know exactly what steps you want your potential clients to take.

unlimited landing pages with twenty over ten

Another great feature of landing pages is how ultra-specific you can make them. Because they’re created intentionally to attract a specific target audience, you can uniquely tailor these pages around that audience, the single call-to-action included. As a rule of thumb you typically want to include as few links as possible on your landing pages. Instead you should focus on one specific goal for visitors. This might be signing up for your newsletter, downloading an eBook, joining a webinar, etc. By doing this on a landing page, you can collect qualified information about your website visitors, making it much easier to market directly to them, and hopefully turn them into clients!

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Many advisors are unfamiliar with designing and promoting landing pages. There are many design and copy decisions to consider, which can seem overwhelming. If this is you, you might be wondering exactly how to create a successful landing page for your firm. To give you a push in the right direction, we’ve put together some examples of killer advisor landing pages from this year, including which specific elements worked well and which we’d tweak just a little to make them even more powerful.

1. Labrum Wealth Management

financial advisor landing page example

How They Got It Right:

  • Design: This landing page incorporates a sleek and modern design, which goes along well with their overall website aesthetic and brand that are polished and professional looking.
  • Headline: The headline Labrum Wealth Management uses is strong and straightforward while also engaging the viewer’s emotional response. It alludes to a simple and “pure” peace of mind that clients could attain through their eBook and their services.
  • Description: Their description is very clear and ensures you understand what you’ll receive once clicking the “Sign Up!” CTA — “eight disciplines with steps to financial detox.”
  • Pictures: The cover design of their eBook is very professional, as opposed to plain text, showing visitors you how much effort was put into making it a quality experience for those interested in downloading.

What We’d Change or Test:

  • Form Length & Required Fields: We’d recommend including a shorter form or not making all of the fields required. Forms have a higher submission rate when there is only one field. According to Unbounce, one company even increased conversions by 120% by reducing their form from 11 fields down to 4. Ultimately, you really only want one thing from visitors , so just stick to asking for that.
  • Engaging CTA: “Sign Up” is a great basic call-to-action. However, you could engage your viewers even more using more actionable verbiage such as “Get Your 8 Steps Now!” This may result in more downloads (i.e. more qualified leads) while also helping the visitor feel that they are signing up for a more exciting and unique opportunity.
  • Navigation: The use of the navigation at the top makes it seem a little more like a website page. It gives the reader more options for things to click on, which may distract from the ultimate call-to-action.
  • Freebie: Labrum Wealth could try adding a preview of what visitors will receive once they sign-up or show a “sneak peek” image of one page of the eBook in addition to the cover. This would share a little taste with your visitors leaving them with wanting more.
  • Page Breakdown: We typically say “less is more” when it comes to site content. However, on a landing page it’s never a bad idea to make an extra hard sell and elaborate further on the why factor. Consider adding a few simple bullet points to show why someone would want to download the eBook. For example, saying “You’ll learn…” followed by some key topics in the book show that it is actually a useful tool. This kind of benefits-driven marketing approach is stronger and allows readers to see what they’ll tangibly get out of reading.

2. Wealth Keel

financial advisor landing page email sign-up

How They Got It Right:

  • Headlines: The headline and subheadings are very straightforward. On a page with one job and CTA, this is a major plus. The tone — “here’s what you’ll get and here’s what it’ll do for you” helps the visitor know exactly what they’re signing up for. No beating around the bush here.
  • Reputable Sources: Their landing page highlights the reputable outlets their newsletter has been mentioned in, signaling to visitors that signing up will be worth their time. People are always more likely to sign-up for something when a trusted source recommends it.
  • Minimal Design: Like the headline, the design sticks to a clear and simple theme, making it easy to complete the form and understand the firm.

What We’d Change or Test:

  • Form Length & Required Fields: Similar to Labrum Wealth Management’s landing page, Wealth Keel could consider testing out a shorter submission form or perhaps not making all of the form fields required. This would help make the main CTA even easier for visitors to get to and more straightforward.
  • CTA Language: “Subscribe to list” could be considered fairly generic language for a CTA. Getting a bit more creative with a CTA such as “Get Your Pro Tips Today” or “Join Our Community” may elicit more sign-ups.
  • Layout: Testing the design of your landing page from time to time is never a bad idea. Doing so will help us as marketers better understand what layouts generate more conversions and leads for your advisor firm. In this landing page example, WealthKeel may want to consider testing a layout that is more side-by-side. Doing so would bump the sign-up CTA to be “above the fold,” increasing the chances that visitors will see it immediately once they land on your page. According to studies by Google, “ads just above the fold had 73% viewability, whereas ads just below the fold only had 44% viewability.”
  • Value Proposition: Hence the name your value proposition should be valuable and conveyed up front on your landing page. Not sure what your page’s value proposition is? Ask yourself these questions: how can your services or products help solve your potential clients problems? Why should your visitors choose you over your competitors? What benefits can your page visitors expect?

3. Brian Plain

ebook landing page lead generation example

How They Got It Right:

  • Strong Headline: This headline does a great job of engaging visitors and using solutions to get them interested. It also uses language such as “simple” and “abundant” that add to the emotional engagement.
  • CTA Language: Brian Plain took it one step further with form titles and the CTA, both of which entice clients as opposed to being overly simple.
  • Qualifying Visitors: By using one easy question, “Tired of anxiety, complexity & confusion holding you back from the life you want?” the page immediately qualifies visitors as people who would benefit from downloading the eBook and why they should sign-up.

What We’d Change or Test:

  • Limit Form Fields: This landing page could be even more concise by limiting form fields to just asking for an email. In the end, this is all the page is after. The less information you ask for, the more likely they are to sign up.
  • Add a “Sneak Peak:” People like to know what they’re signing up for, so adding an image of the cover or a preview of a page of the book would give them a little more detail.
  • Tell Them Why: Visitors will want to know exactly why they should sign-up for your eBook and what they’ll ultimately get from it. Adding a simple bulleted list of what the eBook covers can accomplish this.
  • Try Removing Navigation: Again, including the navigation at the top of your page can lead to confusion for your visitors. For a landing page, keeping it simple and removing any distractions is often beneficial.

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