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By Savannah Brunette Company

Meet the Team: Heidi Pernett

5 minute read
Meet the Team: Heidi Pernett Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, teamwork is ingrained in our everyday, our history, and our strategy. Each member of our team plays a essential role in our work and we’re excited to grow this awesome family! We loved getting to know each other and we thought it would be fun for you to get to know us too.

In this Meet the Team, we had the opportunity to chat with our creative logo designer, Heidi Pernett. She works closely with clients to understand a financial advisory firm’s vision and then makes it a reality. She starts with a sketch book, then research, and lastly moves on to the actual design. This process sets the tone for the website and all branding.

heidi pernett of Twenty Over Ten

I grab my sketchbook and start drawing from the moment the financial advisor and I are having our first conversation.

Read on to learn more about Heidi:

Where is home for you?
I’m from Barranquilla, Colombia, a warm and colorful city that revolves around its carnival and traditions; my second home and where I currently live is by State College, PA, a beautiful town for outdoors and nature lovers.

Twenty Over Ten team member home Bellefonte PA
State College, PA
columbia, heidi pernett's home
Barranquilla, Colombia

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Iran, the land of the old Persepolis, the poetry, the pistachios, the pomegranates and the olives, everything I love in one place. And most importantly- the sublime mosques! As a person that loves color, geometry and art, walking inside one of these must feel like heaven.

Growing up, what was your childhood dream job?
If I wasn’t tailoring my Barbie’s clothes I was painting my walls, so I would say Fashion Designer or Artist. Anything related with reshaping the conventional.

twenty over ten team, heidi pernett and family

How did you get started doing logo design work?
When I was in college I showed strong branding skills and some of my classmates asked help from me in this area, soon the same classmates sent me my first clients.

logo design and sketching by heidi pernett

What have you enjoyed most about being part of the Twenty Over Ten team?
All my colleagues are very respectful, super friendly, collaborative and top professionals in their field.

What’s your morning routine like – any work day rituals, or ways to stay inspired?
As I spend most of my day sitting, my morning routine must start with at least half an hour of yoga, pilates or my own version of these. This helps me prepare my mind for the day. After workout, I prepare breakfast while I respond to the messages from my family. I check my schedule, shower, dress and I’m out. A cup of coffee or earl grey tea around 11 am is a must.

Moments that stimulate my inspiration: gatherings with friends, playing with kids, reading a novel, watching a sci-fi film, or visiting a contemporary museum.

Twenty Over Ten team member yoga(1)

Describe your perfect day.
A day that I get to achieve everything in my schedule on time and I have time to sit and enjoy a glass of wine.

What are your favorite activities to do when you are not working?
A home cooked dinner with my family, painting and exploring a new city.

Heidi Pernett Painting

Do you have any favorite reads to recommend?
Today, Dan Ariely.

Get to know the rest of the Twenty Over Ten team:

Ryan Russell (Co- Founder)
Nick DiMatteo (Co- Founder)
Ed Russell (Project Manager)
Samantha Russell (Marketing)
Chelsea Casareale (Design)
Michael Biggers (Design)
Amanda Romano (Marketing)
Emily Matyas
Elizabeth Ritger (Marketing)
Savannah Brunette (Marketing)

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