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By Nicole Skalamera Company

Meet the Team: Emily Matyas

7 minute read
Meet the Team: Emily Matyas Featured Image

Here at Twenty Over Ten, we like to take a step back from our every day work and get to know our team members just a little bit more. This week in our Meet the Team Post, I had the pleasure of speaking with Emily Matyas, from the digital marketing team. As part of our marketing team, Emily works on social media accounts, blog posts, and content strategy, working one-on-one with financial advisors to develop marketing strategies and create tailored content for their websites.

Take a look at our conversation with Emily:

1) Where are you from?
I’m from a town 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA called New Kensington. As you can imagine being from the ‘burgh, I’m a big time “yinzer” who loves fries on my salads, cheering for the Black & Gold, and I absolutely refuse to call pop, soda!

2) What is your favorite part about working with Twenty Over Ten?
Without a doubt the TOT team! It’s so inspiring to work with such kind hearted, supportive, brilliant, and creative people every day. I know I can turn to any member of our team at any time of day with any type of question and they’ll gladly help me out. Joining Twenty Over Ten was one of the best decisions I made!
3) What do you love most about digital media marketing … What inspired you to get into this field and area of work?
What I love about digital media marketing is how often it changes and how quickly it is growing. There are always so many new ways to connect with others whether it’s through a new platform or a new feature. Creating new strategies to reach target clients keeps me on my toes and allows me to get really creative!

4) That’s awesome! So how do you deal with obstacles and challenges you face along the way?
I’m a planner. Once I accomplish one thing, I’m always thinking how to tackle the next obstacle coming my way. I would be nothing without my to-do list and Google Drive app. Fortunately, when things don’t go according to plan, I have a great support system through my friends and family as well as the Twenty Over Ten team!

5) What keeps you inspired or motivated throughout the day?
I find no greater joy than checking something off my to-do list. That must sound so nerdy, but it’s true! The satisfaction of completing something you’ve worked hard for is one of the most rewarding feelings.

6) If you can shed some wise words of wisdom to your younger self, what would you tell her?
Stressing will get you nowhere. Trust your instincts. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to and for a reason. It will always work out in the end! 

7) You just won an all expense paid vacation to any destination in the world … Where would you choose to visit and why?
I would choose the southernmost tip of Chile and then take a boat cruise to Antarctica. One of my goals in life is to visit every continent. If I visit Chile I could kill two birds with one stone. I’ve already checked off North America, Europe, and Asia so only four more to go! Not too bad for only being in my early twenties!

8) That’s incredible. You definitely have traveled a lot! Do you have any hobbies or special interests outside of work? What are they?
As I’ve already mentioned I enjoy traveling and exploring other cultures. However, when I just want to clear my mind I enjoy crafting (my inner sorority girl comes out). It’s so nice to get lost in a project and then create something beautiful. Michaels craft store became my second home the summer between sophomore and junior year of college. I also enjoy those Zen coloring books and running when I don’t have as much time on my hands but need a stress release.

9) What’s your favorite TV Show?
My favorite TV show is Saturday Night Live. Weekend Update is my favorite reoccurring sketch. I love taking a step back and laughing at how ridiculous things are in the news sometimes. SNL has created so many great comedians and writers that went on to make many of my other favorite TV shows and movies!

10) Ah, can’t go wrong with some SNL! So now I have my last question for you … What is your favorite inspirational quote?
My favorite quote came from an Italian business owner that I met while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. His wisdom was to “live your life with your heart at the center.” I found his advice so beautiful and I try to remember it when making critical decisions.

I love that quote, Emily! Thanks so much for sharing with us. You truly are a tremendous asset to our team.

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