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By Nicole Skalamera Company

Meet the Team: Amanda Romano

6 minute read
Meet the Team: Amanda Romano Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, we truly have a team approach to client work. Depending on the services needed, clients might work with our design team, marketing team, development team, or branding team.

As part of our Meet the Team Blog Post Series, I had the pleasure of speaking with Amanda Romano, Assistant Manager of Digital Marketing at Twenty Over Ten. As part of our marketing team, Amanda works closely with our web design team to incorporate the compelling copy she writes for advisors’ websites, as well as works closely with our clients to create social media plans and strategy. Amanda also develops content for our own blog, and helps market the Twenty Over Ten brand through a mix of digital campaigns, press releases, social media and content marketing. Read on to learn more about Amanda:

1. Hi Amanda! So tell us a little bit about yourself… Where are you from?
Originally I’m from Hamilton, New Jersey but have been in Raleigh, North Carolina for over 20 years so my roots are definitely in North Carolina.

2. What work experience led you to working with Twenty Over Ten?
I studied communications and public relations at NC State University and have worked at various communications, PR and digital marketing agencies throughout my career.

3. How do you stay motivated and inspired throughout the day?
Sometimes I have to disconnect – go for a run or do a quick workout – a lot of times it inspires new thoughts and ideas that I probably wouldn’t have had thought of sitting in front of a computer all day.

4. In a short description, can you describe your “perfect day”?
Lately I’ve really been enjoying starting my day on my back deck with a cup of coffee catching up on morning news/trends before digging into my workday and tackling my to-do list. I think it’s important to sit back and collect your thoughts and set goals before conquering the day.

5. If you can go back in time and give your younger self some wise words of advice, what would they be?
Take time for yourself. We all work super hard day in & day out, whether your in a career or making your way through school and it’s so important to take time for yourself, re-charge your batteries and live a balanced life. It truly makes you a happier, healthier, patient & more determined person!

6. Do you have any hobbies you enjoy when you’re not working?
I have a small LLC on the side called On The Glo (go check out my new website https://ontheglonc.com!). On The Glo is a mobile, organic, sunless tanning service that serves the Triangle area of NC. Having a side business definitely consumes a decent amount of time when I’m not working full-time with Twenty Over Ten but it’s a lot of fun!

8. If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be? And why?
Definitely a cat! I constantly tell my cat (Summer) how envious I am of her – she just lays around & takes cat naps, sun bathes all day & eats. And you get nine lives – what a life!

9. Haha. Agreed! If you could sit down and eat dinner with any character from a book or movie (real or fictional), who would it be? And more importantly… where will you be eating? 
I don’t know I’m not someone who has any huge celebrity crushes but I do love sushi!

10. So far, what has been your favorite thing about working with Twenty Over Ten?
Everyone has been so great to work with, truly a creative and go-getter bunch! Being with a startup company it’s nice to collaborate openly with no judgement and really see your ideas comes to fruition and then the impact of them very quickly there-after. 

It was a pleasure getting to know you better, Amanda! Thanks so much for sharing.

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