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By Samantha Russell Company

Meet the Team: Nicole Skalamera

10 minute read
Meet the Team: Nicole Skalamera Featured Image

To continue with our “Meet the Team” series (where we get to know some of the core members of Twenty Over Ten), this week we are speaking with Nicole Skalamera from the Twenty Over Ten Marketing Team.

Nicole works on social media accounts, blog posts, and content strategy. She also works one-on-one with financial advisors to develop digital marketing strategies and copy for their websites. (Psst…More “Meet the Team” Posts: Co-Founder Nick DiMatteo, Co-Founder Ryan Russell and Dir. of Sales & Marketing Samantha Russell).


1.) Hi Nicole! Okay so you live and work here in PA now but where are you from?
I was born in Manhasset, NY, but I grew up in Fort Lee, NJ, which is just over the bridge from NYC. If I can describe my town in one word it would be: TRAFFIC.

2.) So different than Central PA! What was the first job you ever had?
The first job I ever had was when I was 15 years old. I worked as a camp counselor for a local camp in my town. I worked there for 2 summers. It was a fun, great experience working with my friends, and of course, spending a good amount of time outdoors during the summer- how can you go wrong?

3.) What are some of your favorite hobbies/ activities outside work?
I always like to try out new things and go on adventures. I try to stay as active as possible, so I go to the gym as much as I can. When the weather is nice I enjoy running and going on hikes, swimming, playing tennis, and beach volleyball. I have a guilty pleasure of binge watching TV shows- my taste is always changing, from reality TV to crime/mystery, to creative networks like HGTV, AWE, and Food Network. I like to cook and bake new fun desserts too, especially during the Holidays.

4.) So tell us what are you reading?
During the summer is the time I read the most. With my busy school and work schedule, I find it hard to wind down with a book- plus, I love reading outside in a peaceful setting like in my backyard patio, the park across the street from me, or the beach. Last summer, my go- to books were Beautiful Ruins and The Art of Racing In the Rain.

5.) Favorite TV Show?
As mentioned before, I binge watch TV shows- haha! I was pretty obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy a couple of months ago, but now I’m back to watching Law and Order: SVU. But, I can never get enough of HGTV, Food Network, and AWE.

Nicole_Croatia6.) Best place you have ever traveled to?
Growing up, I was lucky enough to travel to some incredible places with my family. To me, nothing can compare to Croatia. My Grandma has a house on a small island- this island has no cars or roads, so it truly is paradise! The crystal blue waters and gorgeous mountain scenery are like a little glimpse of heaven.

7.) That sounds amazing! Okay so have you had any mentors in your life that have made a significant impact?
When I was in high school I had an internship with a local children’s newspaper. That job in particular really introduced me to a professional, real- world working environment. I worked directly for my boss, and she always encouraged me to succeed with important tasks and projects. She gave me a lot of responsibility for a young intern, and that truly motivated me to learn and grow as a person. To this day, I still have a close relationship with her.

8.) Well I am sure she will be flattered to read that! You’ll have to send this to her. So, as a creative – what inspires you?
I have a passion for doing my best work and helping those around me. What keeps me going is seeing the people I help appreciate and admire the work/service I provide to them. I’m encouraged to push forward and work when I see the reactions of those I help shine in a positive light.

Nicole_Family9.) What made you interested in joining the Twenty Over Ten Digital Marketing team?
Since I was 12 years old playing around with MySpace profiles, I always had an interest in web design and marketing a brand via the web. Once learning more about Twenty Over Ten and its services, I truly felt compelled to join the team. Initially, when meeting with you (Samantha Russell) during my Interview, I immediately felt comfortable and at home. Our team is truly like a family!

10.) That is so sweet! I felt the same way when we met – with some people you just click. What surprises you most about this job?
Every week there’s something new- a new client, a new task, a new project. I love the dynamic nature of my job and I love being presented with new challenges- it keeps me on my toes, and it consistently keeps my creative juices flowing.

11.) What do you like best about your job?
Where do I start? One thing I would have to say I like best is the flexibility and open communication. As a start-up and as a close team, we are always able to present new ideas to each other, so we really all have a significant say and influence into both the growth and direction of the company as well as our own personal and professional growth.

Nicole NYC

We are always able to present new ideas to each other, so we really do have a significant say and influence into both the growth and direction of the company as well as our own personal and professional growth.

12.) What is one quality you like most about yourself? What do you most want to improve upon?
I have a very strong work ethic. I’m very focused and determined on finishing and completing my tasks and projects to the best of my ability. I try to reach perfection, which can also in a way, impose a negative aspect. I need to improve on my timeline and schedule because I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator.

13.) In a “perfect” world, where would your career lead you in the next 10 years?
Tough question! I try not to focus too much on the future, but rather the present moment. Every day I’m still learning a little bit more about myself and my passion and what I’m interested in. In a perfect world though, I would eventually have a career as a consultant… Or maybe even start up my own company some day! Who knows… I’m always up for a surprise 🙂

Thanks Nicole – I know you’ll end up accomplishing whatever you set your mind too – this girl is on fire!

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