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By Elizabeth Ritger Webinars

Advisor Workshop Replay: How To Improve Your Site’s SEO

3 minute read
Advisor Workshop Replay: How To Improve Your Site’s SEO Featured Image

Advisor Workshop: How To Improve Your Site’s SEO

SEO is always a hot topic, and for a good reason! In order to have an optimized website that clients and potential customers can easily access, your website’s SEO needs to be perfect. With more and more advisors coming online, you have to take every opportunity to stand out. Luckily, there’s several easy steps you can take to achieve this.

During this advisor workshop on SEO strategies, you’ll learn how to use the Twenty Over Ten platform to format page and blog titles to be optimized for search engines, how to use Header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4) effectively, where to place keywords/phrases throughout your webpage/blog post content for optimal impact, how to update Alt Tags on images, what a meta description is and how to format one and what the “social sharing” description is used for and how to optimally format one.


00:00 Workshop Overview

1:10 What is SEO?

3:28 What Your Twenty Over Ten Site Already Does

4:50 Organizing Content to Make It More SEO Friendly

7:56 Controlling Metadata in Page Settings

11:12 What Content to Use on Your Page

17:20 Accessing Content Assist – Since this blog was first published, our pricing has changed! Content Assist is a service now included in ALL of our website packages for NO additional charge! Learn more here.

20:20 How to Use Outbound Links

22:20 Adding Alt Tags to Media

23:45 Contact Page

27:00 Other Resources for SEO

28:20 Q&A

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