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By Elizabeth Ritger Webinars

Webinar Replay: 6 Proven Strategies to Get 100+ More Blog Views

3 minute read
Webinar Replay: 6 Proven Strategies to Get 100+ More Blog Views Featured Image

6 Proven Strategies to Get 100+ More Blog Views

Twenty Over Ten Webinar- How to Get More Blog Views

With access to so many resources, deciding to start your own blog is easy. But that’s only the first step! It’s time to make sure you’re building a successful advisor blog that’s going to drive traffic to your site and give your firm more exposure. So how do you achieve that? Thankfully, there’s several strategies you can start using right away.

In our most recent webinar, Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer and Amanda Larson, associate director of digital marketing at Twenty Over Ten, show us how to get 100+ blog views. They’ll cover topics like creating killer blog posts, social media platforms, SEO tactics and analytics.

Since this webinar was first published, our pricing has changed! Content Assist is now included in ALL of our website packages for no additional charge! Now, there’s really no excuse not to blog.

Timestamps of Content Offered in the Webinar

00:00 Introduction to Twenty Over Ten and Webinar Overview

8:20 Mastering the Important Stuff- Imagery, Analytics, Content and Social Sharing

10:00 Strategic Content Creation– 3 Basic Tips

20:35 Introduction to Content Assist

22:14 Don’t Fear SEO

32:15 Q&A with Viewers

40:16 The Guest Post Strategy

43:50 Image:Word- The Secret Ratio

46:19 Leveraging Social Media

51:00 Analytics

56:40 Questions from Viewers

Links to Tools Mentioned in the Webinar: Quora, BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Best Times to Post on Social Media

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