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By Amanda Larson Outreach

What’s New With Google Analytics

4 minute read
What’s New With Google Analytics Featured Image

If you’ve logged into your Google Analytics account lately you’ve probably realized it looks a little different. And for a good reason! Google has improved some of its standard reporting for users and we’re here to tell you what’s new, been relocated and changed.

new home page

One of the first things you’ll notice when logging into your Google Analytics account is the new “Home” page. This new landing page offers an overview of key aspects in your online presence. Here’s what you can now see your home page:

  • Your new Google Analytics “Home” is automatically configured based on your setup. For example, if you have Goals or Traffic, you’ll see the page change accordingly
  • Snippets of data from reports including real-time data
  • Each data snippet includes helpful questions framing the data, such as “When do your users visit?” or “Where do your users come from?”
  • You can hover on any data point for further details or drill deeper into that relevant report by following the link in the bottom right-hand corner on each card

Google Analytics “Home” is simply a new landing page. Previously, users would first see the Audience Overview report when logging in. That report is still available by navigating to the “Audience” section in the side navigation and choosing “Overview.”

recent google analytics updates

new DISCOVer page

The new “Discover” page offers useful products and experiences for your Google Analytics account. For example, products like Google Optimize, tools like the Google Analytics mobile app, helpful features like Custom Alerts, or even useful educational materials from the Analytics Academy. You can find the Discover link next to the Admin link at the bottom of the left navigation.

recent google analytics updates

Analytics intelligence

This new feature, which uses the same natural language processing technology available across Google products like Android and Search, is rolling out now and will become available in English to all Google Analytics users over the next few weeks. This update enables users to simply ask questions about their site analytics and get answers using machine learning. Check out the video below to see how this new feature will work:


These recent and upcoming updates to Google Analytics makes for not only a more user-friendly experience but a way to help financial advisors better understand act on the data

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