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By Savannah Brunette Webinars

Webinar Replay: How to Earn & Leverage PR Success for Financial Advisors

2 minute read
Webinar Replay: How to Earn & Leverage PR Success for Financial Advisors Featured Image

How to Earn & Leverage PR Success for Financial Advisors

webinar replay leverage press

In response to this new business climate, the most successful advisors are changing how they position their brands. They are now earning recognition as influencers, thought leaders and local celebrities to win the attention and respect needed to thrive in this environment.

Brian Hart, the award-winning founder of financial public relations and digital marketing agency Flackable, explains how advisors can earn press and translate it into tangible business success. In this webinar, we’ll be covering how your practice is already newsworthy, how to leverage press, and strategies for growth.


00:00 Webinar Overview

1:34 Introduction to Brian Hart and Flackable

5:35 Webinar Agenda

06:19 Third Party Credibility – What is it?

11:40 How to Earn Press and the 3 Types of Media

24:50 A Plan for Financial Advisors to Leverage Press

34:43 Steps to Implement Your PR Strategy

45:08 Questions from Viewers

Links to Tools Mentioned in the Webinar: Brian Hart’s E-Book: Turning Press Into Profits: Advisor Edition

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