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By Blair Kelly Showcase

The 10 Best Financial Advisor Websites: DIY Edition

11 minute read
The 10 Best Financial Advisor Websites: DIY Edition Featured Image

With the right tools making an advisor website can be a fairly simple process. However, as a financial advisor, you may find it daunting to think about writing your own copy, remaining compliant, plus everything else that goes into creating a beautiful website that generates leads.

At Twenty Over Ten, we’ve worked hard to make this process incredibly simple and have seen financial advisors with little to no design experience create beautiful, compliant lead generation websites that showcase their brand, highlight their services and speak directly to their target audience.

What’s great about our DIY option, is that when building a website yourself, you have complete control over what visitors see. You have the ability to accurately portray your business, your work, and yourself with your own personal touch. We were already growing virtually, however, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of us around the world to only network online, creating a strong website became more important than ever. 

Our self-builder option is great for advisors looking to get their hands dirty and do everything themselves  – with no extra added fees! When choosing this option, we follow a clear five-step process, which includes:

  • Step 1: Choose your Framework
  • Step 2: Upload Your Logo
  • Step 3: Choose your Color Palette
  • Step 4: Add your Content
  • Step 5: Connect your DNS (Domain Name System)

self builder

Now that you know a bit more about our DIY option, let’s share some of our absolute favorite DIY websites that were built entirely by advisors themselves on our platform.

10 of the Best DIY Advisor Websites

1. CenterPoint Financial Group

A strong logo is so important as this is the first impression of your firm, so we love the one that CenterPoint Financial Group has directly on their home page. It really speaks for the brand and being located atop video hero images showing real people and images makes it incredibly impactful. These aspects coupled with the text “Ready When Life Happens” with a call-to-action prompting visitors to “Find out if they’re on the right path,” make for a very strong first impression.

CenterPoint Financial

2. NCA Financial Planning

A sense of adventure and the importance of planning is evident on NCA Financial Planning’s homepage. The overlay text paired with a young boy about to jump off of a diving board followed by an older woman preparing to skydive shows how important it is to plan for your future and how one phase of life moves quickly to another. It’s incredibly impactful and when paired with the vibrant brand colors, this website entices prospects and makes them want to find out more about what they can offer clients to help them make the most out of their financial journey.

NCA Financial

3. Arrington Financial

We have repeatedly stressed the importance of professional images and how it’s so helpful for prospects to see who they will be working with, so the team photo on Arrington Financial’s website is a great way to “humanize” the team that prospects will be working with before they even become clients. Just below the team image, they have further broken it down into Financial Advisors and Team Members where leads get a detailed bio for each advisor plus a LinkedIn and email icon to make connecting with them incredibly simple.

Arrington Financial Team page

4. T Rowland Financial Services

We love the beautiful imagery that T Rowland Financial Services has used on their website. From serene and peaceful photos of forest trails to stunning pictures of mountains, they have chosen amazing scenery to captivate their visitors. One of the most beautiful images is on the FAQ page, and including a dedicated Frequently Asked Question page on your site is a great way to boost the user experience of your visitors by providing them with answers to important questions before their initial meeting.

T Rowland Financial Services FAQ page

5. Trailhead Planners

Unlike other websites, with scrolling pages and an anchored menu, Trailhead Planners’ website is built on the Acuity framework and divides the screen into two sides. The left side includes strong imagery with two calls-to-action while the right side details information about the services that are offered plus a simple mission statement. With another CTA on the right side of the page, visitors are offered multiple options to schedule a free call. This makes getting in touch simple therefore boosting lead generation.

Trailhead Planners homepage

6. planwithdave.com

When it comes to vivid colors on a website, we love what planwithdave.com has done. The brand colors boldly stand out against the hero image and backdrop throughout the pages, ensuring that leads easily find the next path to take on the website. With succinct navigation, this is easy for prospects as they can easily schedule a time to chat with Dave Henderson, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® to discuss your plans for retirement.


7. Plectrum Advisers

Based in Los Angeles, Plectrum Advisers serves an incredibly unique niche, freelance musicians, as this firm helps them to navigate the challenges that they may face being in that line of work. They have truly embraced video, which is growing in popularity by having a dedicated section that provides useful tips for their audience. Not only do they utilize videos, but they have a podcast section, as well, which is just another way for advisors to provide their readers with actionable tips that they can take away and provide to their own unique situations.

Plectrum videos

8. Lansdowne Wealth Management

Lansdowne Wealth Management’s website is streamlined, making for a strong UX, as visitors can easily navigate their way around the website. By offering a free guide to visitors on mistakes that investors make, it shows how much they want to provide not only clients but simply leads and visitors with information that will provide them with the tips and tools that they need to create a strong financial journey.

Lansdowne Wealth

9. Fairpoint Wealth Management

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Fairpoint Wealth Management captivates visitors with the beautiful hero image with a bold call-to-action enticing visitors to take action. Even though they are based in Ohio, they also serve clients in Southwest, Florida, as is made evident by the homepage. When visitors scroll down the page, they can see publications that Fairpoint Wealth Management was featured in, which builds credibility, a GIF of Founder and President, Matt Kircher, and his dog, showing the “real” side of him plus a free downloadable “Retirement Guide.” The homepage packs a lot of punch and provides leads with ample information.

Fairpoint Wealth

10. Gap Financial Services

With two locations in Austin and Boerne, TX, Gap Financial Services has a strong hero image with a full-page CTA enticing prospects to “Learn More” where they will then be led to the Services page. The website is visually appealing with simple navigation, as they only have five main pages aside from the “Get Started” button. When advisors are able to convey all their facts with minimal pages, this makes for a much more streamlined website, which keeps visitors from becoming sidetracked.

Gap Financial Services home page

Takeaways and Website Design Ideas

Now that you have had the chance to see just how great these advisors did at building their own website, it’s amazing to think that designers didn’t do this, right? With beautiful images, succinct navigation and unique features that set each website apart, there were so many different aspects to love about each website. When creating your own website, here are just a few things to keep in mind as we head into 2021.

  • Remember the importance of a strong online presence as we remain socially distanced, so convey the important details of your site while captivating your audience
  • Create a website that fosters a positive user-experience
  • Ensure your calls-to-action are strategically placed and stand out easily for visitors
  • Keep navigation streamlined and clean
  • Keep design and branding consistent

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Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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