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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

10 Advisor Website Call to Action Buttons We Couldn’t Help But Click

10 minute read
10 Advisor Website Call to Action Buttons We Couldn’t Help But Click Featured Image

Whether you’ve been following our blog for some time or this is your first visit with us one thing is true. We are huge advocates for strong calls-to-action (CTAs)! Think about it: anytime you’ve ever bought something online what triggered it? On Amazon it’s that bright yellow, enticing “add to cart” button or the cool blue “install” button to download a new app on your phone. Although these are two very different CTAs they both serve one sole purpose: to guide us through a journey and move us further down the sales funnel. And the CTAs on your advisor website are no different!

We’re not going to lie, effective CTAs can be a bit complex. But they are absolutely essential! In fact, at Twenty Over Ten, our own studies show that advisors who receive “0” qualified leads or clients from digital marketing efforts were most likely to have no CTA on their homepage (above the fold). Now, you want leads right? We thought so! So today we’re sharing some inspirational CTAs that we couldn’t help but click.

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA)?

A CTA is text or a graphic deliberately placed on a website to attract visitors to further engage with your business. It should consist of a short phrase of only 3-5 words and create a sense of urgency

Your CTA is essential to the success of your advisor website and is a great marketing tool to utilize. When done correctly, a CTA can give visitors an extra push to get more information about your business, and if done right, can turn your website traffic into guaranteed leads and clients.

What Makes a CTA Compelling?

To identify what’s effective and what’s not, we have compiled 10 advisor websites that use really great, creative CTAs.

1. Wells Financial Advisors

The design on Twenty Over Ten’s client, Wells Financial Advisors, website makes it super simple and easy for users to navigate. In addition, users can also immediately take away the benefits of scheduling their complimentary consultation with the firm. Aesthetically, both their “Contact” and “Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation” buttons are a bright yellow color, which not only is cohesive with their overall brand but it also immediately draws the viewers attention.

financial advisor website cta example, wells financial advisors

2. Stewart Advisory Services, Inc.

Twenty Over Ten client, Stewart Advisory Services, Inc., creates a sense of urgency by encouraging leads to “Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow.” Remember that one of the key takeaways from your CTA is to show your potential clients how you can help them! They include a “schedule your free consultation” CTA above the fold on their homepage and in addition, they also have a floating “schedule an appointment” CTA in the bottom right that follows visitors through every page of the website.

financial advisor website cta example steward advisory services

3. Gold Canyon Financial

When it comes to your CTA, you should always put your clients first. Catering to your niche market is a great way to grab the attention of your viewers and let them know that you have a solution to their specific needs. Gold Canyon Financial Planning, actually includes two CTAs above the fold on their homepage but what we love the most about them is that they’re tailored specifically to their niche of women and minorities. Their CTAs use copy like “transform your life” and “don’t let emotions sabotage your finances,” which create a real sense of urgency and will stand out to clients while also giving it a more personal touch. 

financial advisor website cta gold canyon financial planning

4. Dorsey Wealth Management

CTAs are meant to catch the attention of your viewers, so they should be placed in an obvious part of your site or piece of content. Including a CTA button on the homepage of your website can be a great way to capture anyone’s attention right from the start. In the example below, Twenty Over Ten client, Dorsey Wealth Management, includes its main CTA again above the fold to “schedule a phone call.”

5. Jim Mackay Financial Planning

Twenty Over Ten client, Jim Mackay Financial Planning, does a great job making their CTA button clear and concise – simply “Get Started.” Sometimes being simple and to the point is the best way to go to catch your viewer’s attention! Once a visitor clicks their “get started” CTA they are immediately directed to their meeting scheduling software, Calendly to book a day and time to meet.

6. Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors

Who says you only have to have one CTA? In fact, according to HubSpot, it’s important to create multiple CTAs to serve different audience types and achieve different goals. On Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors “our process” page uses a very clear cut CTA to schedule a 15-minute call. It’s bright orange and they even use arrows on each side for even more visual cues to draw your attention. When a visitor clicks this CTA they are taken immediately to their calendar to book a day and time for the prospects 15-minute call. We love this because it is so straight forward, prospects would have no questions about what the outcome is after clicking on this CTA – score!

financial advisor website cta example eagle ridge wealth advisors

7. New Gen Financial

Similar to the example above from Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors, Twenty Over Ten client, New Gen Financial Make is explicit with their homepage “schedule a free 20-minute consultation” CTA. Being transparent about what you are offering in your CTA is very helpful so your potential clients knows what they are getting.

financial advisor website cta example new gen financial

8. Lifeguard Wealth

There is no one size fits all when it comes to what you can and should do with your firm’s CTA. Twenty Over Ten client, Lifeguard Wealth, is a great example of utilizing a unique approach to their CTA by creating a CTA button that encourages viewers to sign up for their newsletter. Don’t forget that your CTA can be a great marketing tool to further enhance your other marketing efforts such as newsletters, webinars, etc.

9. Highball Advisors

Highball Advisors’ niche market is professionals in the railroad industry. See a theme here? Using your niche market to help cater your advisory website to their needs is key to generating leads. Sometimes the success of your CTA is not all about what the button itself says but rather the overall theme and attention-grabbing nature of your website’s homepage. 

financial advisor website cta example highball advisors

10. Future Financial Wealth Management

Although Future Financial Wealth Management, is deploying two CTAs on their homepage they took a unique approach to styling them differently – one with a transparent background and one with a white background. By doing so, viewers eyes are most likely drawn straight to their “Learn More” CTA over “Contact Us.” However, they are both legible and functioning CTAs. 

financial advisor website cta example future financial wealth management


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