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By Blair Kelly Outreach

How to Capture More Leads from Your Advisor Website: Tips to Start Implementing Today

17 minute read
How to Capture More Leads from Your Advisor Website: Tips to Start Implementing Today Featured Image

Lead generation is such a huge part of your advisor website. Every advisory firm strives to achieve a website that drives traffic and converts visitors to leads and ultimately, to customers. How do you go about creating a strong online presence and doing this? Well, in this blog post, we are going to show you how to capture more leads through your digital channels, creating and scheduling awesome content, utilizing calls to action and creating landing pages that will convert more leads.

Capturing More Leads for your Advisor Website with the Digital Marketing Funnel:

The below tips can ensure that you are driving as much traffic and converting as many leads into clients as you can. Before getting started though, check out the digital marketing funnel overview, as the parts below are what makes them such an important part of the overall strategy. When trying to grow your client base, there are five main steps in the digital marketing funnel, and they are:


When attracting your clients, it’s important that you gain their attention through digital channels. This can be done with:

Social media posts

When creating social posts for your firm, ensure that you are creating meaningful content that will really speak to a certain audience. Mix it up and really show off your personality, especially when on a platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. With LinkedIn, keep it more professional, but with all the platforms, make sure it’s quality work that you are putting out there.  Additionally, share third-party content, which will in turn, make those sources more likely to share work from your firm, thus creating even more exposure for your business.

Be sure that you are constantly engaging with consumers online, since the more you tag people, comment on posts, or re-share content , the larger the audience that will be exposed to your firm. It’s very similar to forming a relationship offline, it’s all about give and take and interacting with each, and the same goes for creating strong relationships online, as well. Using ads on these social sites can be another way to attract leads, check out our post on proven methods for generating leads using Facebook ads if you’re interested in learning more.

Blog posts

When blogging, be sure that you are writing in your niche, just as we mentioned about the social posts above. If you cater to millennials, then blog about topics that they will find interesting and that they can relate to better. Even though it’s important to start saving for retirement early, you don’t want include something in your blog section is better suited for pre-retirees or somebody that is later in their career.

Additionally, you should keep it consistent. It’s best to try and blog every week, but if that isn’t possible, then at least monthly. It’s important that you are generating content on a schedule so that your readers will start to expect to come to your site on a certain time or day and find what they are looking for. If you don’t remain consistent, then visitors may start to lose interest as they don’t expect for any new content to be on your website.

Digital display ads

These are a different type of ad on your site as they rely on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message for your advisor site in order to provide more information in a different type of way for your audience to check out.

You want to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry, and make your content bring people back continuously as they search your site for information.


Once you have attracted your leads, be sure that you are engaging them by providing content that brings them value. Some ways to do this, aside from blog posts are with:

  • Ebooks
  • Articles
  • Infographics

Information that engages well with people can either hit a pain point, so they can find ways to improve or it can delight them.

Raskin Planning Group

Twenty Over Ten client, Raskin Planning Group simply asks for a name and email as a part of the information capture, where they will then send a copy of their whitepaper, “5 Challenges When Planning Your Wealth Journey.”


In this stage, you need to capture them when they visit your site so that you can reach back out to them with something that they will like. This is when you should use a call to action to grab their name and email address so that you can easily get in touch with them in the future. Like everyone, your leads are busy, so they probably won’t spend too much time on your site. That’s why the call to action needs to stand out and attract them using powerful, short phrases, that make them want to click and find out what you are offering.

Quest Financial Services

We love the call to action above for Quest Financial Services. They simply say, “Tell Us Your Story” which then leads visitors to the contact page. It provides leads with a comfortable feeling and humanizes the firm, showing that they are willing to listen and speak with their prospects.

It’s important to form a strong relationship by nurturing your leads and build trust with them. To do this, you need to be personable and conversational while also offering them something that is relevant, so useful and educational. Companies that do a good job at nurturing, capitalize on 50% more “sales-ready” leads than people who don’t.


Up until the conversion, you have been providing them with value and information. During this step, you are asking your leads to take the next step. Through engagement, you probably know what type of content and information, they are interested in, but in this step, you can ask your leads if they are ready to schedule a quick meeting.

So, what are the tools that you need to accomplish the tasks above? Let’s take a look at some statistics about many advisor websites. On average, websites get about 300-600 visitors per months with 20% to 40% of them being returning visitors. Additionally, social media generally brings in 30-80 visits, so that proves why it’s important to utilize your social media platforms to help with lead generation.

How Do You Set Up Lead Capture Initially?

You need to initially to set up the basics for your advisor website. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, set up your Google Analytics and just ensure that you are getting everything going as a starting point. Additionally, you need to ask yourself, what message are you conveying?

How do you Set up a Proper Call to Action?

If you don’t have a strong call to action then you are missing out in a huge part of your lead generation. When creating one, there are key components that you need:

Your CTA needs to convey a sense of urgency

Your CTA needs to encourage your leads to do something that makes them feel like they’re immediately benefiting from their decision to take action. It should use phrases, such as, “Download your Ebook Now,” or “Sign Up Today for your Discount.” If there isn’t a sense of urgency, then visitors may delay when it comes to clicking on the CTA.


In the above image for Steinkuhler Financial Group, simply putting Today at the end of the CTA, “Contact Us Today,” create a sense of urgency. It makes prospects want to click to find out why you should click now to find out more.

Ensure that distractions are eliminated, so don’t create CTAs that compete with each other

It’s human nature for us to get distracted, so don’t put too many CTAs right next to each other. If you have, “Schedule your Free Consultation Call,” right next to the “Download a Whitepaper,” then the audience may become easily distracted.

You need to understand what motivates your target audience

What is your niche audience…what do they most want from your firm after clicking on a CTA? Keep this in mind when creating your CTA button, and then the button should lead to a landing page that will interest your audience and allow for you to capture information so that you can reach out in the future.

Place it somewhere on the page where it will stand out, but in a tasteful way

It needs to be “above the fold” and easy to locate. You want the CTA to stand out from the rest of the page, but in a tasteful way so that your visitors don’t have to search too hard to find what they are looking for.

Popovich Financial Group

The Popovich Financial Group has several CTAs above the fold, however, they still are tasteful. Even though there are multiple of them, the color is not distracting and the main one still uses the main colors.

As you can see, your call to action is a very important part of your advisor site, and incredibly important to convert leads. When someone clicks on your CTA though, you want them to be taken to a landing page, which is an easy tool to direct traffic to an event or to encourage registration and create a sense of urgency. They can really cater to your particular niche and any page on your site can essentially serve as a landing page.

Want more information on lead capture with our Content Assist tool? Check out Using Content Assist to Boost Your SEO and Lead Capture

How to create a high-converting landing page

There are four important components to a successful landing page, and they are:

It should include a captivating headline

Just like an email, you want to draw your audience in right from the start. If the title isn’t strong and doesn’t bring about a feeling of curiosity, then you want to change that!

the imagery should be eye-catching
This is similar to drawing in the audience with a captivating headline. Ensure that the imagery captures the attention of your readers, or they will just pass by to something that seems more interesting.

It should have an enticing offer

You want it to draw the audience in, just like the other aspects of your website. Depending on what niche you serve, you should find out what they really want and go from there. Maybe an eBook, whitepaper or any other type of downloadable source will entice your users.

Financial Detox

In the image above from Intelligence Driven Advisors, they provide visitors with an offer “8 Steps to Financial Detox.” With this landing page, they are able to capture information but really tailor it for prospects, making it very effective.

the call to action should be clear

Lastly, make sure the call to action is clear and can be easily recognized on your page. If your visitors don’t know what or where to click, then that is a big problem for converting leads. So, just make sure this is easy to spot and you understand what you are getting by clicking on it.

For a lot more information on how to create a killer website that captures more leads and drives visitors to your page, then check out the below video from Twenty Over Ten CMO, Samantha Russell and T.J. Hill, digital marketing manager at eMoney Advisor.

Tying It all Together:

Lead generation is a crucial part of your advisor website. It’s one thing for your website to look great with a beautiful design, but all of the hard work that you put into it is to generate more traffic to your website ultimately turning these leads into clients. Like many of the strategies that we suggest in our blogs, this takes time and maintenance, and it can be trial and error trying to figure out what works best for you and your business. Check out the analytics and see how everything is converting in order to get the most out of your advisor website and creating the lead generation machine that you have imagined.

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