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By Maria Ortiz Outreach

Going Back to the Basics of Social Media: Facebook

8 minute read
Going Back to the Basics of Social Media: Facebook Featured Image

Using  various social media platforms can be extremely complicated if we don’t really understand the jargon used and what exactly it means or what it does. We decided it would be helpful to cover this and go back to the basics – focusing mainly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

On this blog we will be focusing on Facebook and some of the key elements of using this platform for professional/company purposes that will help you navigate through your company Facebook page like a pro.

1. Profile Picture

Profile Picture on Business Facebook page

The way we think about this is as a picture of ourselves that we use on our personal Facebook page, whether that is a family picture or a “selfie”. For your company site, you want to approach this slightly different – the use of your company logo is a great way to get prospective clients visiting your site to make a fast connection and associate this with the logo they perhaps saw as part of your company website. We recommend using a logo instead of a personal picture as this may be confusing to people visiting your page.


2. Facebook Banner

So what exactly is the purpose of “banners” on Facebook? They are truly just an additional way to “WOW” prospective clients who might be checking out your Facebook page and landed there by making a quick Google search for “Financial Advisors in my area”.

These could range anywhere from an inspirational quote that your firm goes by, a tagline, or photos that compliment your logo and that you maybe even use as part of the background images on your website.

3. “ABOUT” Your Business

One of the key areas of your company Facebook page that needs to always be up to date is the About section, which includes your business address (plus a map), phone number, company website link and your office hours – this is how prospective clients will be able to find you whenever they make a Google search and land on your Facebook page.

4. Page “Likes” vs. Post “Likes”

Page “likes” are the users or business who “follow” your company Facebook page in order to stay up to date with any posts/updates you put up. On the other hand, post “likes” are directly from users who see your latest updates and “like” them – this helps increase the reach and the engagements within your company page.

Note: Whenever you are “liking” other companies’ post on Facebook, make sure it is from your company site. You can do this by clicking on arrow pointing-down at the top far right of your page and clicking “Use Facebook as____” or also by clicking on the small logo that may appear next to a post (around the comment text box area), which allows you to select the user.

5. Make certain posts the “eye-catcher” on your Facebook page

"Pin to Top" Option


One of the best features of Facebook for business is being able to Pin to top” which helps you keep your post at the top of your Page. It’ll be the first post people see, which is great if you have an important update or event. Just click on the point-down arrow at the top far left.

6. Oh no! I made a typo but already clicked “Publish” post!

"Edit Post" Option

Don’t panic! A few years ago, Facebook came up with the “Edit Post” feature to help fix any typos or changes in information. You can click on the same point-down arrow at the top far left that you would use to pin a post to the top, there you will see an “Edit Post” option that will allow you to change any details in regards to that specific post.

Some other tips to make Facebook for your business a success:

How can I make my post effective?

  • For starters use TON of images – you won’t believe it, but most users are more inclined to stop scrolling and check out your post if there is a photo that catches their attention…this isn’t to say you should add just any random photo, it should be something relevant to what your post is about – try to show your service or product as best as you can.
  • Make it short – don’t write a book, get right to the point. Most people are scrolling through and won’t even attempt to read your post if it seems like it will take them over a minute to read.
  • Engage with your clients! – one of the best ways to be active on social media is to actively engage with your clients and companies you follow. Whether that is by replying to their comments on your company’s post or by doing the commenting/liking yourself and engaging with their company’s posts.

I have my company Facebook…now what?

  • You might be wondering why you don’t have all the “likes” you thought you would – after all you have a link to your new company Facebook in also every place your clients visit. The truth is, most clients don’t necessarily see these social media links at first hand, which is why it’s most efficient to simply go and follow your clients or prompt them to “like”/”follow” you while they are visiting you at the office for their monthly Financial Advisory meeting.
  • Another way to get more exposure for your individual company posts/updates and also get more “likes” on your page is to re-share any updates you make on your company page on your personal Facebook page. This way all of your friends on Facebook are able to see and likely to follow your company Facebook page.

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