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By Maria Ortiz Outreach

Going Back to the Basics of Social Media: Facebook

10 minute read
Going Back to the Basics of Social Media: Facebook Featured Image

We get it! When you are tasked with keeping track of multiple different social media platforms, it can be extremely complicated! There is a lot of jargon and words that are used on each platform that users might not be used to, which is why we want to cover some and get back to the basics! We want to focus mainly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For today’s blog, we will be focusing on Facebook and some of the key elements of using this platform for business purposes that will help you navigate through your company Facebook page like a pro!

Key Elements for Navigating Facebook

For a rundown of the key elements to make Facebook a bit easier to understand and navigate, check out the information below!

1. Profile Picture

When choosing a profile picture for your personal page, you may pick a “selfie” or a picture of you with family and friends doing a fun activity…anyway for you to best represent yourself!  For your business page, you should obviously approach this a bit differently. Using the company logo is simple, yet also the best option! You want people visiting your page to recognize your Facebook page from having seen it online or on your webpage. Keep it professional, and you can’t go wrong! 

2. Facebook Banner

How many times have you heard that “a picture is worth 1,000 words?” This rings true for when you use a cover photo! You want to choose one that draws in an audience…something that really shows the personality of you or your advisory firm. Be sure that you aren’t just pulling from a stock photo but rather one that defines who you are and captivates your audience right from the start.

These could range anywhere from an inspirational quote that your business goes by, a tagline, or photos that compliment your logo. I may even be what you use as part of the background images on your website.

We love the way that Twenty Over Ten client, YellowWood Wealth Solutions, LLC, chose. The strong quote over the tranquil cover photo does a great job of drawing in the visitor and immediately making them feel at ease.

3. “ABOUT” Your Business

Why is it so important to have a strong “About” section on your Business’ page? One of the key areas of your company Facebook page that needs to always be up to date is the About section, which includes your business address with a map, phone number, company website link and your office hours. These key elements are so important, because if a visitor or prospective client can’t find how to contact you, then they will probably move on to someone else who has their information more easily listed! You don’t want to miss out on gaining a new client because you were not easy to contact!

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten client, Arazon Financial Group, has an “About” section that includes all the pertinent information that you would need to easily contact them.

4. Page “Likes” vs. Post “Likes”

Page “likes” are the users or business who “follow” your company Facebook page in order to stay up to date with any posts/updates you put up. On the other hand, post “likes” are directly from users who see your latest updates and “like” them. This helps to increase the reach and the engagements within your company page.

Keep in mind that whenever you are “liking” other companies’ post on Facebook, make sure it is from your company site. How do you make sure of this? Well, you can do this by clicking on the arrow pointing down at the top far right of your page and clicking “Use Facebook as____” or also by clicking on the small logo that may appear next to a post, which is around the comment text box area, so this allows you to select the user.

5. Make certain posts stand-out on your Facebook page

One of the best features of Facebook for business is being able to Pin to top” which helps you keep your posts at the top of your Page if it is one that was particularly helpful or meaningful so that people can always see it and be reminded of the information. It will be the first post people see, which is great if you have an important update or event. Just click on the point-down arrow at the top far left.

6. How do you fix a typo after publishing?

Fear not! A few years ago, Facebook came up with the “Edit Post” feature to help fix any typos or changes in information. You can click on the same point-down arrow at the top far left that you would use to “pin” a post to the top, there you will see an “Edit Post” option that will allow you to change any details in regards to that specific post.

Additional Facebook Tips:

For a few more tips to create a killer Facebook page, check out the information below!

how can I make sure my posts are effective?

  • For starters use A LOT of images, but be sure that they are relevant to what you are posting and really catch the eye of people scrolling. According to Bright Local60% of consumers are more willing to consider local search results that include images and another 23% are more likely to contact a business showcasing an image. Those are some pretty strong facts!
  • Keep it short and sweet! When most people are scrolling through, and it seems like it will take over a minute to read, then they will probably pass you by.
  • Be sure that you are engaging with your clients! One of the best ways to be active on social media is to actively interact with your clients and companies you follow. Whether that is by replying to their comments on your company’s post or by doing the commenting/liking yourself and engaging with their company’s posts.

I have my company facebook…now what?

You might be wondering why you don’t have all the “likes” you thought you would, after all, you have a link to your new company Facebook, wherever your clients seem to be visiting. Honestly, many times they may not notice the links or icons, so it’s easier to go ahead and start following them and engaging with them as quickly as possible. This is the most efficient way to get the ball rolling.

Another way to get more exposure for your individual company posts/updates and also get more “likes” on your page is to re-share any updates you make on your company page on your personal Facebook page. This way all of your friends on Facebook are able to see and likely to follow your company Facebook page.

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