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By Blair Kelly Showcase

6 of the Best Investment Advisor Websites & What We Love About Them

10 minute read
6 of the Best Investment Advisor Websites & What We Love About Them Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, we are beyond grateful for the amazing clients that we get to work with on a daily basis. Our team gets the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of advisors that cater to unique niches, from wealth management advisors and everything in between! Today, however, we are going to share six of our favorite advisor websites that specifically offer investment services.

1. Sorensen Wealth Management

Sorensen Wealth Management






Based out of Westlake Village, CA, Sorensen Wealth Management is a fiduciary wealth management firm that stands by their philosophy of client first. They chose to work with our Iris framework that leverages parallax scrolling to guide visitors seamlessly through the history of the firm, more information about their founder Jeff Sorensen followed by a call to action to take their risk assessment quiz.

Additionally, they focus on a niche market of high net worth individuals helping them navigate through the difficult waters of investment and wealth management through their three different styles of investment management: active, passive and tactical investing.

2. Rand Financial Planning, LLC

Rand Financial Planning






Right when you land on the homepage of Rand Financial Planning, you immediately feel at ease. Their quotes over the rotating hero images make for a very strong homepage, with phrases, such as, “Replay Financial Anxiety…with Financial Peace of Mind.” Also, the images they chose to incorporate instill a sense of calmness, but also show people doing various activities which can be done when their clients have saved for the future.

Rand Financial Planning

In the above image, you notice that when you scroll to the bottom of the website, visitors are given the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter, where they will also receive a free whitepaper, “7 Keys To Financial Independence.” Email marketing is such a strong part of an overall digital marketing strategy as it’s also a cost-effective way to generate leads for your business. By encouraging prospects to sign up for a newsletter, you can offer valuable resources, showcase your expertise, drive traffic to your website, and build trust. By providing this on their website, Rand Financial Planning is able to capture emails and other important information simply and quickly while also giving their prospects something valuable in return … win-win!

3. Bowers Advisory Group, LLC

Bowers Advisory Group






When working with a financial advisor, it can be intimidating to get started. Clients are trusting you, their advisor, to help them create a strong financial and investment plan so that they can get the most out of their money. As an advisor, it’s so important to get to know everything about your clients so that you can deliver the best experience possible.

Bowers Advisory Group makes both their prospects and clients feel like they can be trusted right when they land on their website, which is incredibly important! The copy across their homepage hero image, “Large Enough to Meet All of Your Financial Needs. Small Enough To Know Your Name When You Call,” really hits home and illustrates a friendly but knowledgeable tone.

Bowery Advisory Group

Immediately following their homepage hero image, visitors are invited by simple CTAs to download free financial resources. One of the resources is entitled, “Most Common Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” or “6 Steps to Financial Independence for Women.” When clicked, visitors are taken to a Constant Contact form to share some quick contact information before receiving their download. We love this because it’s such a simple way to capture prospects information of people who are interested but may not be quite ready to commit, but also provide leads with useful information, which is a glimpse of what clients will be getting if they choose to work with them.

4. Zega Financial

Zega Financial






When you land on the homepage of Zega Financial, based out of West Palm Beach, FL, you can tell that they take their job seriously and are all about the numbers. Their hero image illustrates further that they are a data-driven firm with the tagline, “progressive solutions for disciplined investors.”

Additionally, they have a strong call to action in the top right-hand corner in their “About” page to make an appointment. The button stands out as it has a white background against the darker hero image. Your eyes are immediately drawn to it.

You already know how big of advocates we are for video at Twenty Over Ten, as it’s an engaging form content that resonates well with visitors, and Zega certainly doesn’t shy away from dabbling in video and we love it! From their about page to their in the news section, they’ve strategically sprinkled video throughout that features their CEO and co-founder Jay Pestrichelli really making their brand more human.

using video on your financial advisor website, best investment advisor website example

5. Fisher and Wiens Wealth Management

Fisher & Wiens





With the full-screen homepage of the Fresnel, you are immediately drawn into the large hero image on the homepage of Fisher and Wiens Wealth Management.  Based out of Danville, CA, this beautiful image draws the visitors in with the vastness of what’s ahead in retirement while also showing a scenic picture and sets about a feeling of ease.

Fisher and Whens Wealth Management

As mentioned previously, we love the use of video on websites, and Fisher and Wiens have a strong section in their “Education” section. They use video to update visitors and clients on marketing updates, as well as, tips, such as saving for retirement.

6. Financial Investment Team, Inc. 


Financial Investment Team






Financial Investment Team has a beautiful website that really “wows” you. Their tagline, “Helping you achieve financial FITness” is a clever way to introduce their brand to visitors and begin to build rapport with prospects and clients. Underneath the serene hero image of the beach, they include not one but three calls to action. You can Complete Your Risk Analysis, Find Out How You’re Doing or Request An Appointment. These CTAs are simple yet powerful, and that’s a great way to get visitors to find out more!

Under financial services, everything is listed out in an organized manner with images, and for a firm that offers as many services as they do, they do a great job that is aesthetically pleasing for those landing on the webpage.

Financial Investment Team services


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