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By Savannah Brunette Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: XY Planning Network Roundup

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: XY Planning Network Roundup Featured Image

Here at Twenty Over Ten, our clients make up who we are. Every couple of weeks we participate in a Q&A with our clients to showcase their practice, their new online presence and their overall experience working with our team.

For quite a while, we’ve had the pleasure of working with members of the XY Planning Network. XYPN is a leading organization of fee-only financial advisors specializing in working with Gen X and Gen Y clients, and five of their advisors to develop their online presence. Read on to hear more from XYPN advisors about their new sites:

An Exceptional Life Financial

“I couldn’t ask for a better experience than what I get working with Twenty Over Ten. They worked with me to create a vision for my site and then did a fantastic job bringing it to life and helping me keep it updated. As a start up firm, you want to be confident that when people find you online they get a good impression, and I feel people get just that when they visit my site thanks to Twenty Over Ten’s work.”
– Mychal Eagleson

Paradigm Advisors

“Twenty Over Ten did a great job designing our website and helping us provide a crisp, clear message. We have received positive feedback and good lead generation since going live.”
– Michelle Gass

Life After Grief

“I cannot say enough great things about Twenty Over Ten. They were very prompt and efficient whenever I needed them. In fact, I was getting into a bit of a timing issue with the launch of my firm and the typical time it takes to build a website. They offered to make my website “going live” a priority and made it happen. The main visual theme of my site is simplicity and they did a very good job. I was very impressed with the amount of resources they exposed me to in terms of building my site. I was equally impressed with how their team “got” my message and story and helped me build a website behind it. The process was very easy to follow. I would recommend Twenty Over Ten a thousand times over.”
– Christopher Dale


“As primarily a virtual practice, my site serves not only as a way to convey my service offerings, but also convey something about my personality and style. After visiting my website, prospective clients leave with an impression that is comparable to visiting a physical office. Twenty Over Ten did an excellent job refining my message visually and with text. I continue to receive many compliments on my website.”
– Michael Palazzolo

MILE Wealth Management

“After looking at several options for building my site, I’m so glad I chose Twenty Over Ten. My designer was great to work with, their technology is excellent, and the training and support is top notch.”
– Mark Wilson

Blanchard Wealth Partners 

“I just love how modern the site is. The menus have smooth transitions. It’s flat, and it’s just overall easy to navigate. The home page is the best display of this.”
– Sonny Blanchard


Liftoff Financial Planning 

Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors 

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