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By Samantha Russell Showcase

The Best Financial Advisor Websites: 2016 Roundup Edition

9 minute read
The Best Financial Advisor Websites: 2016 Roundup Edition Featured Image

One of the first questions we get when working with new financial advisors is “Can you send me some of the best websites built for other financial advisors?” When it comes to making design decisions, we understand that often the best way to start is to get inspiration from what others have done.

At Twenty Over Ten, we believe that strong design & accessibility should be at the core of every business. Today, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite mobile-responsive advisor websites. Click on any of the name of any of the sites below to find more inspiration for your own financial planning website.

1. American Advisors, LLC

American Advisor’s website is one of our favorites because of the founder, Keith McGowan’s dedication to his site theme. His patriotic-themed website stands out against others, leaving a positive and lasting impression on potential clients. Keith’s “Americana” financial advisor theme is fitting because he operates his business in America’s birthplace, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We also love how Keith and his team have integrated a meeting scheduling software through Calendly.  Keeping up with your daily, weekly, and even monthly schedule can be challenging. Implementing a meeting scheduling app such as Calendly, Timetrade, or ScheduleOnce, can help alleviate the stress of double-bookings and scheduling conflicts.

best financial advisor website, American advisors

2. Axiom Advisory, LLC

Mike Skolnick of Axiom Advisory has created a site that stands out in many ones. First, his color scheme (black and neon green) is very unique and immediately sets a tone that this is a forward-thinking practice. This simple, yet important feature is a creative way to demonstrate Mike’s commitment to his clients. Axiom’s use of video and case studies are a great addition that further demonstrate their firm’s expertise and credibility. best financial advisor website, axiom advisory


3. Brian Plain

Brian Plain is a certified financial planner from Oak Park, Illinois. What we admire most about Brian’s site is his creative use of freemiums. Freemiums are offers such as ebooks, whitepapers or other content that you give away for free (usually in exchange for a visitors email or other contact information). By offering this valuable original content, Brian has been able to drive and qualify leads and ultimately gain new clients.


4. Centric Capital Advisors

Centric Capital Advisors does an excellent job of showing the faces of the people behind the business. Throughout the website, images of the team can be found on  every page. The Californian firm’s approach to personalizing their site demonstrates their dedication to building a lasting relationship with their current and future clients. They even take this approach one step further with their “Meet the Team” blog post series


5. David Wealth Management, LLC

Founder and owner of David Wealth Management, Jim David, approached the question of how to differentiate himself a little differently. He decided to share personal stories on his site, including how he his wife, Maria, are very involved with the Washington D.C. community. The story of how their love for ballroom dancing led to them opening a Fred Astaire Dance Studio and now host an annual charity gala dubbed DC’s Dancing Stars Gala is captivating and allows visitors to get a great sense of who they are. You can learn more about Jim’s unique approach to his website by reading our advisor showcase here.


6. Forward Thinking Wealth Management

Based in Akron, Ohio, Forward Thinking Wealth Management’s website is a reflection of founder Dan Johnson’s bold financial planning philosophy. The use of vibrant color reinforces the company’s brand and message of one flat fee, regardless of AUM. Dan focuses his practice and website around knowing your costs and taking control of your fees, succeeds at capturing users attention with his outside-the-box colorful website. Read more about Dan’s firm and his site build in our advisor showcase series.best financial advisor website


7. Gibson Wealth Advisors, LLC

Allen Gibson founded his company in Texas after 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Gibson Wealth Advisors’ website features striking images that would captivate any visitor. Allen Gibson and the team at Gibson Wealth Advisors are serious about financial planning and investments, but they also know how to have fun, and it was important to Allen to convey this to prospective clients. By including Allen’s golden retriever, Jake, as the “Chief Morale Officer,” this light hearted tone easily comes through and gives referrals and idea of the personality of the firm.


8. Jim MacKay Financial Planning

Jim MacKay has been in the financial planning industry since 2006. With his years of experience, Jim has helped clients from across the U.S. pursue financial well-being. When designing a new website for his firm, a top priority for Jim was for the site to be clean and modern and easy-to-navigate. The user experience was kept front of mind throughout the design process, and Jim’s ultimate goal was achieved through the use of icons, large beautiful images, and simple calls to action.


9. Quadrant Family Wealth Advisors

At Quadrant Family Wealth Advisors, simplicity is key. Founders Patrick Lafley and John Williams strive to provide simple guidance and strategic planning to families looking to establish, grow, and preserve their wealth. Their less-is-more approach is directly reflected through their website’s design.


10. WealthKeel, LLC

Last, but certainly not least. WealthKeel LLC artfully employees tactics on its website to exclusively attract its target demographic. Chad Chubb, the founder of WealthKeel, specializes in helping Gen X and Gen Y clients. The site’s sleek and modern design and user interface appeals to his younger audience. Additionally, Chad regularly writes blog posts for this group. Recent titles include “That Place Called Costco” and “True Life: We Are Adjusting To A New Budget.” To learn more about Chad and WealthKeel, read our advisor showcase blog post. You can also hear more of Chad’s success story using Twenty Over Ten and eMoney in our case study.

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