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By Amanda Larson Outreach

How Financial Advisors Can Drive Revenue Through Digital Experiences: A Case Study

1 minute read
How Financial Advisors Can Drive Revenue Through Digital Experiences: A Case Study Featured Image

WealthKeel, a hybrid financial advisory firm in Philadelphia, PA, had a burning desire to create a stronger client experience and exceed his client expectations while also leveraging a reliable solution to address the challenges his firm was facing.

bridging the gap between technology & digital marketing

In partnership with Chad Chubb CFP® and founder of WealthKeel, Twenty Over Ten and eMoney devised a strategic plan to address his firm’s key needs to generate new business and increase prospecting.

Within just one year of engaging with Twenty Over Ten and eMoney, WealthKeel as able to drive significant returns to their bottom line.

financial advisor website revenue results Not only was WealthKeel’s bottom line positively affected but the firm also experienced significant results in reducing their business costs. For example, they were able to streamline the financial planning process, simplify and organize data entry and improve their meeting scheduling experience for clients.

financial advisor testimonial

Want to Hear More of Chad’s Success Story?

His story is now available for download! Click below to read the full case study.

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