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By Lauren Beichner Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: WealthKeel Financial Logo and Website

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: WealthKeel Financial Logo and Website Featured Image

As Twenty Over Ten continues to expand, so do our services and features.  Now, in addition to our existing capabilities, clients can also use our platform to blog, post videos, and integrate with other applications such as ScheduleOnce, Riskalyze, Mailchimp, and much more.

We also have been developed new bundle packages to help our clients achieve an optimal online presence. These include website design, copywriting, social media starter packages, and logo design.

Chad Chubb from WealthKeel Financial used one such bundle (our logo + website bundle) to first design a logo for his firm and then build a website around the brand and identity we developed. Establishing a strong brand and identity for your business should always be the first step in any new marketing endeavor, as the logo is the basis from around which the rest of your marketing materials will stem.

In the case of WealthKeel Financial, the website is anchored by the new logo, which depicts a sailboat.

The branding is carried through to the website as well. Immediately on the homepage, the user is introduced to a sleek, modern website design- dimmed, transitional images of ocean water and sailboats that act as a background surface for the main text and slogan.

“Laying the keel is the initial step…” continue to play on the sailing theme as well. According to Chad,

“The design process at Twenty Over Ten was easy and enjoyable. We’ve been receiving amazing feedback of our new site . People have been describing it as beautiful, clean, and easy to navigate. Many also say the website has a strong resemblance to a Fortune 500 Company!”

When asked about working with us, Chad said “I brought my logo ideas to the designer I worked with at Twenty Over Ten, but then also allowed him to use his expertise. In the end, we had an amazing logo that still held my original thought behind it, but with added creativity. Communication is the reason why I loved working with Twenty Over Ten. Whether it was Ryan, Ed, Samantha, or someone else on the team, we heard back so quickly.”

With our newly added services and design features, we strive to achieve optimal customer service. We work for our clients, where they become our partners on this journey of website development. From website content to design to brand exposure, our team works together, keeping in constant communication, to ensure that our clients can optimize their online presence to best represent their own business and what makes them unique.

“Customer Service is such a simple concept, yet so many fail to deliver what we desire most. Twenty Over Ten was and IS the definition of customer service.”

With their new polished and compelling website and logo, WealthKeel Financial has been able to sail through the web and display an incredible online presence. Their brand and purpose are established, now with a beautiful, modern twist. According to Chad,

“My expectations have been far exceeded! I’ve seen sites built by Twenty Over Ten and always thought I would love to have a site like that. Now, I can proudly say I do!”

We wish WealthKeel Financial nothing but success and growth as they embark on their new business. With our logo bundle, they have been able to truly exemplify their company, their services, and their overall intent.

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About the author

Lauren Beichner

A part of Twenty Over Ten’s digital marketing team, Lauren is a Content Creator. A true Carolina girl through and through, she loves everything about Fall (yes, especially #PSL ☕) and can’t resist a fluffy yellow lab.

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