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By Nick DiMatteo Company

Introducing Integrated Blogging & more

3 minute read
Introducing Integrated Blogging & more Featured Image

Over the last few months we’ve listened to our customers feedback and are excited to announce some new features now available on the Twenty Over Ten platform that will help our users extend their own outreach and have even more options for design customization.


In addition to easily integrating 3rd-party blogging platforms, users can now create their very own blog directly through Twenty Over Ten. That’s right, you can add posts right alongside editing your website content and design.

You can now blog in confidence, with the most secure blogging tool for those in compliance-regulated industries.

All posts are integrated with the review process and archiving tools available on the Twenty Over Ten platform, which means you can focus on writing awesome content for your website users and rest easy knowing that your content is always archived, accessible at any time.
In addition, we’ve added a sharable RSS feed & JSON feed, which means you can integrate your blog posts on 3rd-party platforms with ease. Simply visit yourdomain.com/feed & yourdomain.com/feed/json respectively.

Check out the animation below to see how to start using this new feature with your account:

Page-level Code Injection

In addition, we’ve also added a neat, little feature to help our users add even more customization on a page-by-page basis. You no longer have to embed code within your page’s content and fear it’s accidental deletion. Instead, we’ve added a new code-inject field under the “Advanced” section of your page settings. This will allow for a cleaner workflow for our users who want page-specific advanced customizations.

The below animation will show you an example of how easy this new field makes creating advanced customizations by adding a custom background color for a specific page:

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