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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Alinea

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Alinea Featured Image

Kyle Carlton Go Alinea

Every couple of weeks at Twenty Over Ten, we like to showcase our clients and their websites. This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Carlton from Alinea. Take a look at our conversation below:

What inspired you to want to help financial advisors run their practice?

It’s what we do on a daily basis since 1996. We are a life and annuity IMO (with a RIA relationship) and we developed Alinea as a platform to assist top advisors better serve their clients while gaining more prospect (in a more cost effective way).

What were you working on before starting Alinea?

Our focus of running the IMO hasn’t changed since the very beginning.

What is your ideal client like?

Someone new in the business (less than 10 years) all the way to the advisor about to retire. Our ideal client relationship is looking for a partner, not just another product outlet or organization pushing a sales concept that hasn’t been tested. Our client needs solutions to their biggest challenges.

What is the biggest challenge your clients typically need help overcoming?

Everyone has challenges in their business. The Alinea platform is a 1-on-1 approach to help solve the needs of each advisor utilizing a customized approach. An advisors biggest challenge is there are only so many hours in a day — it’s difficult to get everything on their list done. They could need marketing or assistance with events. They may need additional staff, training or even additional planners.

Geoff (in design) told us you did a lot of the website design yourself; what was this hands-on experience like?

The Twenty Over Ten user-interface is incredibly friendly and forgiving. If you can type an email, you can update your site.

How has your new website helped with your company’s marketing efforts?

We built an amazing platform which Twenty Over Ten helped us showcase. It gave concrete form to a process of working with advisors we had been testing for years.

One feature that really stands out on your website is the use of the separate pages linked to from the ‘Services’ tab. This is great for SEO purposes. How important was SEO to you while building your site?

SEO actually didn’t play a large role in the design. However, I like the fact that the Twenty Over Ten platform incorporates this feature.

What was the number one thing you wanted to portray to your current and potential clients through your new website?

Information. We are talking about a new way of working with advisors and it’s difficult to digest that in one meeting. Our new website helps to better relay the value we provide.

What has been your favorite aspect about working with the Twenty Over Ten team?

Simplicity and responsiveness.

Now that your site is live, what has the feedback been like from your clients, family, and friends?

It gave the platform a voice in a beautiful way. So far, the feedback has been amazing.

We’re so happy to hear that your website has received such great feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Kyle!

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