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By Amanda Larson Outreach

How to Build Your Own Advisor Website in 15 Minutes

10 minute read
How to Build Your Own Advisor Website in 15 Minutes Featured Image

Still haven’t found the time to build a website for your financial planning business? Well, we’re here to tell you that the time is now! And when you can do it yourself in only 15 minutes or less why would you not? Perhaps you don’t think you have the design skills, budget or manpower to create a unique, compliant and stunningly beautiful website for your financial planning firm.

No matter what your hesitations are, we’re here today to banish all of those and empower you to finally step up your digital presence game. Not just for our sake or your sake but for the sake of your clients and prospects. Let’s get started!

Choose Your Website Provider Carefully

We all know there’s dozens of platforms out there to build your advisor website on. Each offers its own set of tools, design elements, support and functionality, which are all important factors to consider before embarking on your website design journey.

While choosing a website provider and host that fits your firm’s needs is essential, as an advisor it’s also critical that your site is compliant and secure. When doing your research, compliance measures and security should be priority one. When chatting with your prospective website provider’s sales team also be sure to ask for user reviews before making a commitment.

There’s obviously a reason we recommend Twenty Over Ten as the best platform for financial advisors: we’ve taken the🏆 for the most comprehensive website management and blogging tool for financial advisors and are also the most secure. It’s incredibly important to us that advisors have a platform that easy to use, includes all of the necessary features to serve your site visitors better and enables you to publish engaging content that generates leads for your business.

Once you’ve checked all of the above off your list (and you have a domain name secured & connected) you’re ready to start the ⏰ – the 15 minute countdown is on! 

1. Sign-up

Your first step will be to sign-up of course! With Twenty Over Ten signing up is easy and doesn’t even require a credit card. It just takes a few minutes to create a username and password then you’ll be ready to rock & roll. Click here to go directly to the Twenty Over Ten sign-up page.

sign-up to start building your free website today

Important: Your first 14 days are completely free and it’s free to design and launch a site yourself using Twenty Over Ten.

2. choose a framework

Second you’ll want to choose a website framework that best represents your brand and will be an appropriate fit for the content you have planned out. Wether you prefer a single-page scrolling functionality, full-width imagery or drop-down navigation we have multiple frameworks to choose from to fit all your needs. If your preferences change a week, month or year from now – don’t worry – you can change your framework at any time!

All of our frameworks are highly customizable without needing to know a lick of code … shew! And of course, all of our frameworks are created with a mobile-first approach. Meaning, no matter which framework you choose they are optimized to fit all devices and screen sizes. If blogging is your thing (and it should be!) we’ve got you covered there too. All of our frameworks have built-in blogging platforms so you can create, edit and share updates with site visitors as often as you’d like.

3. customize with your brand

Customizing your site to be consistent with your brand is a key component to any marketing strategy. Adjusting things like colors and logos to be inline with your overall brand will greatly improve the appearance of your website in a matter of seconds.

adding a logo

We’ve made it super simple to add a logo to your website. Don’t have a logo file you can use? Don’t worry! You also have the option to add a text-based logo and optional tagline to match your brand guidelines.

adding a logo to your website

assigning colors

The colors you decide to use throughout your website should be consistent with your logo and brand guidelines. With the Twenty Over Ten platform, colors are categorized so you can easily customize specific colors for different elements. For example, Headline text over your hero images can be changed in the ‘Overlays & Dividers’ section. Once you click on the color block you can simply select a color from the color picker, or type in a specific hex value.
assigning and changing website colors

4. add pages & content

Our time is almost up! Next, you’ll want to setup pages and subpages and load in content. Thankfully, users on the Twenty Over Ten platform have the ability to create unlimited pages and our inline editor makes copying and pasting content into your site a cinch.

adding pages

By clicking the “add new” button on the sidebar you can choose from “page” “team” “blog” and “link” pages depending on the page you want to create. Each page has its own purpose and properties:

  • New pages are general pages
  • Team pages are used to add bios and headshots for you and your team members
  • Blog creates a new blog page to house any blog posts you may want to include
  • Link creates a link that could bring the viewer to an external page (such as a client login)

adding new website pages

Adding content

Once your pages are setup you can start flowing your content in. Our inline editor enables you to edit any page content block easily. Simply click and begin typing or paste your content in from a word document. Your additions and changes will appear in real-time in the preview window so you’ll always know exactly how the page will look.

When hitting “Save Changes” in the bottom right all of your changes will automatically be saved on your site to our server but they will not be published to the public until you hit the teal “Publish” button in the upper left. This is different than your conventional “Cancel / Save” options. With this unique feature you have the ability to edit a page, close the window, and come back a week later to review your changes without making them public.

twenty over ten inline editor

5. go live

Drumroll please … it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! In order to publish all of your hard work, click “Publish Changes.” Once clicked, all published changes will be reflected on your live website and your new website will be automatically archived.

publish website live

Once you’ve completed everything we’ve covered above, you really deserve a break, and a 🍪. Most of all you should be proud! You’ve achieved something most are afraid of even attempting. Until recently, managing a website in the financial services industry was an incredibly hard job. With the advancement of content management systems like Twenty Over Ten we’ve made it much easier to manage your site while remaining compliant and creating something that is truly beautiful.

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