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By Paige Jones Outreach

ABC’s of Marketing Roundup

12 minute read
ABC’s of Marketing Roundup Featured Image

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably noticed our #ABCsofMarketing campaign that’s been running throughout the month. In honor of back to school season, we wanted to create a fun way to refresh and help advisors restart their efforts on all things digital marketing to close out 2018 strong. For those of you who missed it, today we’re rounding up the campaign to distill all of the important marketing tips and trends that all financial advisor should be aware of. 📝

A is for Analytics 

Any good digital marketing strategy is guided by analytics. There is an abundance of data and graphs that you could spend hours analyzing when it comes to your social media pages, but what should you be paying close attention to? Check out our analytics guide on how to use the numbers right!

B is for Blogging 

We all know blogging is important, but what things will hurt your blog? Check out our article on 10 blogging mistakes we see financial advisors doing to know what to steer clear from.

C is for Content Creation 

Have you heard the term “Skyscraper Content?” If not, then you could be missing out on a lot of SEO juice. Go past simply creating content for your audience by reading this article to learn how to create skyscraper content that will actually click with your niche!

D is for Digital Marketing  

Of course, the letter “D” has to stand for digital marketing! We cannot emphasize how important it is to absolutely nail your digital marketing, so we got someone else to share their story to prove it! This webinar replay shows how one advisor used digital marketing to get 90% of his clients. 

E is for Editorial Calendar 

We get it. It can be hard to keep up with blogging, maintaining client relationships, AND being present on social media. An editorial calendar can help keep all of this in check and is one of our four keys to success on social media! Check out this article to learn how to use an editorial calendar and to download yours for free!

F is for Facebook 

There’s lot of ways for your firm’s name to get passed around, but getting clients to tell their friends and family about you and your awesome service is by far one of the most effective. This is why Facebook is such an important platform to focus your social media efforts. Our Facebook roundup includes all the latest and greatest Facebook information all in one place!

G is for Google Posts 

Ever heard of Google Posts? Google hasn’t yet given this feature an official name yet, however, it allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google. Interested in learning how? Check out this article to find out how to use it.

H is for Hootsuite 

Maintaining your social media presence can be time consuming, but social media scheduling apps can help! Check out our article on Hootsuite and other social media scheduling apps to learn which may be best for your business.  

I is for Internet 

Things move fast online and it’s so important to keep up with the latest trends to know how to best use the internet to reach current and potential clients. You can learn the six most important internet trends for financial advisors in 2018 in this article to help whip your digital marketing game into shape!

J is for Jargon 

Jargon should be avoided at ALL COSTS! Your digital marketing just can’t be successful if it’s hard to understand. Get started on writing accessible content for your clients with our tips on what your LinkedIn summary should include, and even more importantly, what it shouldn’t! Read this article to give it a shot. 

K is for KPI’s 

We’ll say it again and again – analytics are key. KPI’s, or key performance indicators, are essential to measure to improve your digital marketing efforts! Check out our article on how to use KPI’s to know if your digital marketing is working.

L is for LinkedIn 

There’s really no excuse to not already have a LinkedIn profile! LinkedIn is not only a great way to connect with people, but it’s also a great digital marketing platform. This article gives some of our best tips on how to boost your networking game through your LinkedIn profile!

M is for Multimedia 

Pictures and videos can be worth a thousand written words. Your audience simply doesn’t want to see all writing all the time, but multimedia is one of the top things clients want to see on your website. Watch our webinar replay with VyralMarketing to learn how to grow your sales with video!

N is for Numbers 

As financial advisors, numbers will always be important. But it’s so important to go past just the numbers! Watch our webinar replay and find out how to get these numbers from Google Analytics and how to interpret them to boost your digital marketing game.

O is for Optimization 

There are a ton of websites out there for potential clients. How do you get yours to stand out? Optimization is your best friend in driving more clients to your website. Take a look at our article to learn our top five ways to completely optimize your Google Business listing.

P is for Promotion 

There are plenty of ways to promote your business online, but a HUGE one is social media! Learn how you can use social media to promote your blog content here.

Q is for Question 

All clients and prospects are bound to have questions about your advisor business. In this blog, we lay out the top six most important client questions that absolutely MUST be answered on your website. 

R is for Reach 

Gone are the days of boring financial advisor websites that tell you what you need to do with your money. Creating a strong online presence can be a competitive process, but we all want our digital marketing and content to have more reach. Learn five ways to make your advisor blog reach more of your niche in this article.

S is for SEO 

We can’t stress the importance of SEO enough. This article includes top ranking factors, SEO sins, testimonials, and more. Check out the roundup of our top five most-visited articles on SEO that our audience of advisors has found helpful.

T is for Twitter 

While it’s important to have a presence on multiple social media platforms, Twitter is a great place to start because of its simplicity and its ability to deliver a great deal of content to clients and prospective clients several times a day. Read these six tips that financial advisors should keep in mind when making Twitter a valuable addition to marketing efforts.

U is for UX and UI 

In UX design we focus on the user experience and in UI design we’re focusing on what the user sees. Both of these are extremely important, so we created a guide to totally nail your UX and UI design. Check it out here!

V is for Virtual Reality 

It’s a newer one, but there’s no doubt that this new technology will totally change the digital world and even financial planning. Check out this article to stay ahead of the changing technology!

W is for Website 

If there’s one thing you take from this roundup, it’s that you MUST have a website! If you still haven’t found the time to make a website for your financial advisor business, we’re here to help! Learn how to build your own advisor website in just 15 minutes here.

X is for XYPlanning 

We love all of our Twenty Over Ten clients and jump at any chance to show them off. Thinking about redesigning your website with our services? XY Planning Network revamped their websites with our services, see what they have to say about the process here!

Y is for YouTube 

As we’ve already said, video is on the rise as a key digital marketing tactic and YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for it. Find out how to use video on YouTube to connect with clients in this article!

Z is for Zoom 

Zoom is just one of many great virtual meeting platforms. As a remote business, these platforms help our business stay in touch and meet face to face as if we’re meeting in person! We know your remote business will love them too. Check out this list of our favorite ones!

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