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By Paige Jones Webinars

Webinar Replay: Conquering Google Analytics for Your Advisor Business

3 minute read
Webinar Replay: Conquering Google Analytics for Your Advisor Business Featured Image

It’s no secret that having an online presence is a must for financial advisors today. But even if you’re working your hardest to keep up an online presence and to create killer digital marketing campaigns and content, how do you know your efforts are working? When it comes to tracking all of these things, Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool that we encourage every advisor to try out. We know it can be a little intimidating, so we are starting from the ground up and show just how easy and useful Google Analytics can be. 📏

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten‘s Samantha Russell and Amanda Larson talk about how to use Google Analytics to improve and truly measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts and online presence. They’ll introduce you how to set up Google Analytics, cover their top metrics to monitor, geo location, top content, visitor journey, and benchmarks for financial advisor websites. Click below to watch the replay or download the slides here.


timestamps of content offered in the webinar

0:00 – Webinar overview and introduction of presenters Samantha Russell and Amanda Larson

8:02 – How to add Google Analytics to your website within the Twenty Over Ten platform 

9:56 – Exploring the dashboard

10:45 – Customizing your Google Analytics dashboard

11:24 – What is an acquisition report?

12:07 – Adjusting your date range

13:20 – *NEW* Google Analytics automated insights

19:56 – Top metrics to monitor

43:28 – Geo Location

46:25 – Top content

52:53 – Visitor journey

56:28 – Benchmarks for financial advisor websites

59:00 – Google Analytics packages at Twenty Over Ten

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